Pretty Noodles Bowls For Your Instant Ramen To Make Your Food Taste Even Better!

Pretty Noodles Bowls For Your Instant Ramen To Make Your Food Taste Even Better!

By Viroon on 09 May 2020
Senior Creative Editor

For the ultimate ramen experience, using a pretty noodle bowl makes the meal so much more enjoyable. Enhance the aesthetic, making it more appealing and instaworthy too! Here are some pretty bowls you to upgrade your ramen experience!

#Ceramic Bowl With Minimalist Print

We all love that big ramen bowl at the restaurant, why not purchase and use it at home. This minimalist noodles bowl helps to create a restaurant-like experience from the comfort of your dining room at home.

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#Japanese Style Ceramic Bowl With Prints

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These incredibly gorgeous bowls will not only look elegant in your kitchen! Not only do they make for great ramen bowls to use at home, but they make for great housewarming gifts. The beautiful patterns and absolute effectiveness when used for their intended purposes make this set one of the better ones around.

#Cat's Record Japanese Style Ceramic Bowl 

Love cats? Then this is for you!  This modern white ceramic bowl makes the perfect bowl where you can use it not only for noodles but for salad as well! Simple yet adorable!

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#Japanese Creative Ceramic Bowl 

This noodle bowl is adorable and perfect for storing your favourite noodles and soups.  You can even use the cover as a handphone stand. How creative!


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#Cartoon Creative Ceramic Bowl 

Here’s another cute noodle bowl that can keep your food warm. It comes in a few animal - pig, rabbit and cat! Great for animal lovers!

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#Instant Noodles Cup Ceramic Bowl

Instant noodles in instant noodle ceramic cup. Why not? Plus it comes with a handle and lid!

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#Japanese Style Ceramic Bowl 

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The stunning blue and black hues of these ceramic ramen bowls really allow the colors of the ramen and toppings to pop, making eating your dish so much more enjoyable!

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