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Snack On These Kawaii Animal-Shaped Marshmallows You Can Buy Online

Snack On These Kawaii Animal-Shaped Marshmallows You Can Buy Online

By Karmen on 30 Apr 2020
Digital Editor

If food is your comfort this circuit breaker month, we've found some kawaii animal-shaped marshmallows by YOU + MORE! that will make your desserts look better and your days feel better.


The Japanese-style marshmallows are made of egg white and agar-agar so they're a bit harder and chewier than regular marshmallows.

You can eat it on its own or use it as toppings to decorate a cake or coffee latte!

Keep reading to check them out!

#1 Kitten marshmallows

Kitten marshmallows on three platesPhoto from YOU + MORE!

inside red bean filling of Kitten marshmallowsPhoto from YOU + MORE!

They're so cuddly, you probably won't be able to help yourself from squishing them! One box has a mix of Indian bean, strawberry and yuzu filling.


Get it here for ¥1,185 (~S$15.69).

#2 Parrot marshmallows

parakeets parrots marshmallows on a platePhoto from YOU + MORE!

parakeets parrots marshmallows as ice cream toppingsPhoto from YOU + MORE!

Cute parakeets have turned into Japanese-style marshmallows with chocolate filling!

Get it here for ¥1,293 (~S$17.12).

#3 Shiba Inu marshmallows

Shiba Inu marshmallows on a platePhoto from YOU + MORE!


fingers squishing Shiba Inu marshmallowsPhoto from YOU + MORE!

Each Shiba Inu marshmallow is handmade with a delicate and realistic expression. The filling is also chocolate!

Get it here for ¥1,296 (~S$17.16).

#4 Corocoro Coronoya marshmallows

Corocoro Coronoya marshmallows in a boxPhoto from YOU + MORE!

Corocoro Coronoya marshmallows individual pieces on handPhoto from YOU + MORE!

Corocoro Coronoya is a cute cat character by San-X who makes bread and sweets.

Get it here for ¥1,239 (~S$16.40).


#5 Ofuku cat marshmallows

Ofuku cat marshmallows on a platePhoto from YOU + MORE!

Ofuku cat marshmallows in a bowl of Japanese red bean dessertPhoto from YOU + MORE!

This is another one for the cat lovers! Each cat has a different facial expression and the one in the middle has a cat paw.

Get it here for ¥1,346 (~S$17.82).

They can be bought online from which ships to Singapore!

Which one of these marshmallows are your favourite?

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