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The Best Workout For Ladies With Pear-Shaped Bodies To Enhance Your Natural Beauty

The Best Workout For Ladies With Pear-Shaped Bodies To Enhance Your Natural Beauty

By Karmen on 27 Apr 2020
Digital Editor

Pear-shaped bodies are one of the most common among women that deserves to be celebrated! This alluring body type is characterised by a slimmer top half with narrow shoulders and a small waist combined with fuller hips and thicker thighs.


Those with a pear-shaped body type can come in any size from super slim to curvy and you can see it from gorgeous celebrities like Rihanna, Beyonce, Hwasa from K-pop group MAMAMOO, Dahyun from TWICE and Cheng Xiao from Cosmic Girls or WJSN.

There are exercises you can do to enhance your body type and create more proportion at the same time.

Keep reading to check out the best workout for a pear-shaped body!

There are two parts to the workout. One is to slim and firm your lower body and two, to balance it out by toning and building more definition on your upper body. This will enhance your natural curves and give your body a more proportionate hourglass look.

#1 Lunges

asian woman doing thigh forward lungesPhoto from MOLYVIVI via 小红书

Work on firming your lower body with lunges. Take one step forward until your leg is at a 90-degree angle, then return to your original position. Repeat 30 times on each leg.


#2 Leg lifts

asian woman doing back leg lifts for butt and thighsPhoto from MOLYVIVI via 小红书

The next step to burn the fats on your thighs and butt is leg lifts. Kneel with both hands on a yoga mat. Straighten your legs backwards and lift it up, then return to your original position. Repeat 30 times for each leg.

#3 Upper thigh stretch

asian woman doing upper thigh stretch workoutPhoto from 飞梦mn via Weibo

Work on slimming your thighs! Lie on your back and lift your thigh up towards your chest. Stay in this position for one minute. Do two sets on each leg.

#4 Lower thigh stretch

asian woman doing lower thigh stretchPhoto from 飞梦mn via Weibo


Next, lunge forward with one leg behind you and the other leg bent at the knee. Lean forward until you feel a stretch and stay in the position for two minutes. Do two sets on each leg.

#5 Leg stretch

asian woman doing leg stretch on a bedPhoto from @ddaling via 小红书

Bend one leg in front of you and extend the other behind you. Extend your body forward without curving your back and hold for 15 seconds. Do two sets on each leg.

#6 Side leg lifts

asian woman doing side leg lifts workoutPhoto from MOLYVIVI via 小红书

Slim your hips with side leg lifts. Lie on your side and raise your leg at a 45-degree angle, then lower. Repeat 30 times for each leg.

#7 Inner arm stretch


asian woman doing inner arm stretch workoutPhoto from @F_饭饭 via 小红书

As ladies with pear-shaped bodies have a slender top half compared to the lower body with smaller shoulders, it's also important to work on toning your shoulders and arms to create balance.

Curl your hands into a fist and fold your arms inwards so that the fists are pointing at each other. Make sure your shoulders and arms are straight, then stretch outwards till you feel a pull on your inner arms. Repeat for 30 seconds.

#8 Vertical punches

asian woman doing shoulder and arm workoutPhoto from @F_饭饭 via 小红书

Create more definition on your shoulders with this easy workout. Fold your arms at the elbows and make sure your palms are facing inwards, then curl your hands into fists. Punch one arm up into the air with your palm facing outwards and making sure that the arm is straight while the other arm remains folded and vice versa. Repeat for 30 seconds.

#9 Abdomen stretch

asian woman doing abdomen stretches on a bedPhoto from @ddaling via 小红书

It's important to do abdomen stretches as some of the earlier exercises involve the core muscles. Lie on your stomach with your legs shoulder width apart and prop your body up with your arms. Hold for 15 seconds and do two sets.

#10 Back stretch

asian woman doing back stretchPhoto from @吃喜人(via 小红书)

End your workout with a back stretch to help you keep a straight posture and avoid slouching your shoulders. Bend your body into a right angle, put your palms on the wall and lift your head slightly. Stay in this position for one to three minutes.

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