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6 Beautiful Luxury Branded Card Holders Perfect For Ladies Always On The Go

6 Beautiful Luxury Branded Card Holders Perfect For Ladies Always On The Go

By Amanda on 11 Dec 2019
Digital Editor

Branded bags have a certain appeal but unfortunately they are just too expensive! Although there are cheaper alternatives, you can always start small with a bespoke card holder to hold your EZ-Link and other cards.


Besides, as we are moving into a cashless society, we are using more cards and a small card holder that can fit in any bag makes for a practical choice. Since it is something that is useful and not as expensive as wallets, why not go for branded card holders that are absolutely gorgeous and can elevate your status as well?

Scroll on for our favourite luxury branded card holder picks!

#1 Gucci

gucci card holderPhoto from Pinterest

A classic, timeless design that will give you the best bang for your buck.

#2 YSL

ysl card holderPhoto from Pinterest


Another classic and timeless design to consider.

#3 Miu Miu

miu miu card holderPhoto from @dearchloe (via Little Red Book)

A super girly and cute design that will make you feel good using it.

#4 Chanel

Chanel Card holderPhoto from Pinterest

The quilted cushion pattern and elegant gold branding makes it a must-have for every office lady.

#5 Burberry

BurberryPhoto from Burberry

Engraved with gold letterings, this two-tone design is eye-catching without losing classiness.

#6 Goyard

Goyard card holderPhoto from Pinterest

This unique yet classy design makes it easily recognisable and you will be the talk of the town whenever you use it.

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