9 Types Of Sexy Sports Backs~ Sports Girls, Do You Have At Least 3 Type??

9 Types Of Sexy Sports Backs~ Sports Girls, Do You Have At Least 3 Type??

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By christinelai on 26 Jun 2018

With the evolution of bras and activewear, there are a gazillion sports bras that are MUST-HAVES in your wardrobe. Especially when all your clothes are dark, you really need the same kind of bras that look different. If you have not heard about PINK Victoria Secret or Lululemon, you really need to read this!


The Typical Crossback Sports Bra



Dual Colour Crossback
Neon colours are major love! Especially if you have tanned or darker skin tone, neon colours will 'pop' on your skin and make you look dangly fit.

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Spider Web On Your Back!
Be it plain solid or a kaleidoscope of colours, these funky twist of cross backs will complement your tank top, you won't have to worry about fashion clashing at the gym.




Single Stretch Optical Play
Visually extend your back with a long vertical beam down your back. It doesn't have to be boring~


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Fan-My-Back Bra

Twists and Knots are very 'In' this season~




The Crossback with Character

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Advanced Diamond Back



The Barely There
There are many one-shoulder sports bra and active wear now. Surely, the supporting element for your boobs is compromised but you gained that element of sexiness and boldness at the gym.


Make sure the fabric tightness is good enough to hold your boobs!

Totally Bare-It
Do you know that halternecks make the arms look smaller? Yea, now you know. It is incredibly sexy too. If there's a pool near the place you work out, you could even jump into the pool for a swim with this!


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Needless to say, bikini tops look sexy and cool underneath our favourite tank tops on workout days. We love the idea of togetherness and that's why we all gather for cafe hunts. How about a healthy lifestyle revolution of people dressing up and hitting the gym instead?

Photo By: Pinterest
Text by: Girlsdaily SG

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