Stay In Shape While Travelling

Stay In Shape While Travelling

ByViroon on 17 Nov 2019 Senior Creative Editor

How to keep healthy while travelling can be a challenge. Who wants to watch their diet when they’re on holiday? But equally, it’s no fun returning from a fabulous vacation to find that the scales have gone off the deep end because you couldn’t resist the temptations of the delicious food at a new country.

Constipation while travelling is another common problem and mainly brought on by poor diet, dehydration and lack of exercise. Whether you're whisked away to a tropical island or headed to a meeting across the country, here are some simple tips to stay fit, healthy and energized.

Get Active By Exploring The City

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What better way to experience the city you're in than on foot? This is a great way to explore the place that you are in while staying active. Ask the hotel staff for some sights within walking distance - shops, parks or neat neighbourhoods. See if you can walk instead of taking shuttle buses or driving. If you’re on a beach holiday, enjoy a long stroll/run by the beach. If you’re in a city break, stroll around the city seeing the sights. This is such an enjoyable way to get your steps in and have fun while doing it. The best part about walking around a new destination is it doesn’t even feel like exercise.

Look For Local Gyms and Classes

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Wherever you go in the world, the chances are high that there will be a local gym or even a new class that you can try out to stay active during your trip. Many of these classes and gyms let you do your first session without paying a dime. f you’re on a business trip and staying in a hotel, check to see if your hotel has a gym that you can use. Travel schedules can be hectic, but even 20 minutes of activity or two will help make sure you’re still feeling great post-vacay. Not only does it help us stay in shape while travelling, but it’s also a travel experience in itself.

Don't Get Lost In The “But I'm On Vacation” Trap 

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Getting lost in this mindset is fun, except when you are on day 10 of the trip and nothing fits any longer, your skins breaking out, and you feel like crap! Your body probably won’t be used to all the rich treats and will very likely rebel against you. Instead, try sharing food with your friends or follow the 80/20 rule. Meaning 80% of the time you eat generally clean, while the other 20% of the time you can indulge in whatever yummy treat you desire.

Stay Hydrated

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Most of the time when people think they are hungry, they’re just really thirsty! Drink as much water as you can, as it helps you to be energized, hydrated and full. Staying hydrated will also help you ward off colds, especially on aeroplanes!

Don’t Stress And Have Fun

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Staying fit and healthy is important, however, there are always ways to ensure you keep your body active. You might not always be able to do your favourite class or go to the gym, but there are always ways in which you can keep your body active. It’s important not to stress and try and aim to take each moment as it comes. Have fun and just enjoy your trip away.

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