4 Indie Skincare Brands You Should Look Out For

4 Indie Skincare Brands You Should Look Out For

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ByAmanda on 11 Sep 2019 Digital Editor

Finding a good skincare brand that suits your skin condition can be taxing and expensive. Why not steer clear of the mainstream skincare brands and try these indie skincare brands that are not too pricey and have favourable reviews from their fans?

Check out the brands below!

#1 Lagom

@lagomkorea (via Instagram)
Photo from @lagomkorea (via Instagram)

Swedish for "just the right amount", Lagom is a Korean skincare brand inspired by minimalist Scandinavian skincare of using just enough products, "not too little, not too much". Using its star ingredient, DermaFlux for most of its product, the brand places emphasis on providing hydration on a molecular level. If you are looking for lightweight yet intensely hydrating skincare products, you should try out Lagom.

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#2 WANT Skincare

@wantskincare (via Instagram)
Photo from @wantskincare (via Instagram)

WANT Skincare is a local brand that has been gaining recognition for its all-natural products with multi-tasking abilities. The brand focuses on producing sustainable products and aims to empower marginalised women. If you want to make a difference to others and use a product that is handmade from pure botanical oils and minerals, you can give WANT Skincare a try!

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#3  The Pure Lotus

@thepurelotus (via Instagram)
Photo from @thepurelotus (via Instagram)

The Pure Lotus is a K-beauty brand with its products made exclusively with ingredients from Jeju Island (yes, even its packaging!) It prides itself on using white lotus leaf extracts from the Beobhwa Temple, which provides rich antioxidants and minerals good for the skin. If you are looking for products with unpolluted and natural ingredients, The Pure Lotus is one brand that you have to try!

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#4 Sigi Skin

@sigiskin (via Instagram)
Photo from @sigiskin (via Instagram)

Another local skincare product that has been making waves in the indie skincare market, Sigi Skin only has three products under its line but they form the bare necessities of your skincare routine. With less products under its belt, you know that they pour out their heart in making each of these products. If you are looking for a brand that is cruelty-free and fuss-free, try out Sigi Skin!

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