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Freshen Up Your Room With This Adorable Dumpling Air Purifier ?

Freshen Up Your Room With This Adorable Dumpling Air Purifier ?

By elaine.kiew on 15 Aug 2019

Dumplings, anyone?


Smoko, the e-commerce shop behind the much raved about Boba Tea Lamp and Giant Dumpling Lamp is back to steal our hearts with another adorable Dumpling Air Purifier!


While an air purifier cannot get rid of dust completely, it is a useful tool to trap a high percentage of airborne allergens and irritants. This cute little Dumpling Air Purifier does just the job and it is said to specifically target pollen and dust, keeping the air fresh.

According to Smoko, this compact air purifier comes with a USB port and can be operated by plugging into any power socket.



An interesting component is that it also comes equipped with UV light, making it even more useful when it comes to killing bacteria, viruses, mould and other airborne allergens and irritants.




The xiao long bao air purifier is going for USD 30 on Smoko but there is also another option where you can purchase a set for USD 36 and get an additional 'tan' dumpling.


Shortly after releasing this cute Dumpling Air Purifier, Smoko has also taken to their Instagram to hint dumpling fans about an upcoming limited edition dumpling product.


Which colour would you want the special dumpling to be in? Let us know in the comments~ ☺️

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Photos: Smoko
Text by: GirlStyle SG