True Love Is Not Found, It Is Built. 6 Things Couple Can Do To Keep The Sparks Strong!

True Love Is Not Found, It Is Built. 6 Things Couple Can Do To Keep The Sparks Strong!

By on 09 Apr 2019

Remember how in love you were? Find the initial sparks with your partner again and prolong your honeymoon period! Choose love repeatedly and never let your love grow cold for each other. Here are 6 things you both can do to fan the passion and build your love!

1. No matter how independent you are, allow him to share your burdens. 
Every guy needs affirmation. They like to feel that he is a guy you can depend on, the one you can rely on. He has big shoulders for you to lean on.

It's bonus if he feels like he's in charge. This will naturally encourage him, make him feel confident. Trust us, in no time you will enjoy this version of him more.


2. Give each other the attention when you have a meal together.
There will be moments where you need to use your phone but, to the best that you both can, let your date be about each other and not technology. This is basic respect, especially on a date.

Also, instead of nagging at each other to respect the boundaries on technology, first, lead by example and slowly engage your boyfriend/girlfriend. When he/she thinks that you're more enjoyable than his/her phone, it will solve the problem.



3. He can tie your hair for you; you can shave his facial hair for him. 
The little things in life matter. In your special way.


4. The innocent cuddles and affections.
Take time to relax and unwind in each other embrace without any plans, or agenda. Seek to connect and love.


5. Intimacy & Connection
If you're married, physical intimacy is important and if you're not, remember to always show your partner some love in ways that are aligned to your morals. Be it physical touch, quality time, gifts, affirming words or acts of service.

Grow your conversations, grow your hugs and your kisses.



6. Never let him/her go to bed angry.
Try to resolve every argument and petty issues before bed. You need to ask yourself, what is more important? Your pride or his feelings? His ego or your feelings? Seek communication, take an hour break to consolidate your thoughts and find your emotional balance. Take the step forward, try to reconcile, understand and go to sleep with peace, or knowing that you tried your best.

The little things in life matter. Don't give in to petty emotions, anger and strife. Grow peace, grow love and keep up with the effort to look good and to make each other (and yourself) happy.

You deserve true love and happiness.


Photo Source: Be With You 

Text By: GirlStyle SG

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