Mask Up While You Work Out? This Is The Newest Fitness Trend In Singapore!

Mask Up While You Work Out? This Is The Newest Fitness Trend In Singapore!

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By christinelai on 21 Mar 2019

There's no wiser investment than for a woman to use our resources on bettering our overall health and appearance. Fitness and beauty are both one of the hottest trends in Singapore. We found one activity that combines both beauty and fitness in one hour; you won't regret knowing this!

Be the woman who can handle both the glam and the sweat. #2019goals



Huxley is a new skincare brand in town that cares about your lifestyle and health. Last Sunday, they collaborated with Upside Motion for this workout activity where you get to pamper your skin while you work out. Wasn't that cool?


All the participants get to experience a new innovative hydrating mask in town:
Mask; Moisture and Freshness! 

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This skinny sheet mask is made from fibres with thousands of micro holes that deliver moisture deep through the skin, offering superior hydration.

Before the workout starts, there is ample time to walk around and explore the studio.



Huxley's pop-up will be available at Upside Motion Studio for a limited time.

Take the opportunity to browse through quality skincare products and facial masks. You will love it if you'd like to try a good skincare routine. They are famous for their hydration routine, extra moisture routine, antioxidant routine and brightening routine.

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With special mention of their Secret of Sahara Cream; Fresh And More



A light, refreshing gel cream that locks in moisture for all day hydration even in extreme dry environments, this cream smoothes and plumps skin without heaviness or greasiness.




It leaves your skin smoother and with a lasting glow! Even after I wash my hands, the difference is still evident.


Groom yourself, feel at ease and then it's time to get going!


They took on the challenge to try the Xtend Barre workout. It is a fast-paced cardio workout that fuses the principles of traditional ballet with Pilates. The results of this consistent workout will be a longer, stronger, and leaner physique. Sounds good? You will tone your body with a combination of cardio movements, light weight training and modified ballet barre exercises, all to an upbeat playlist of pop music!


It's never too late to start now and feel good about yourself.


In the last 10 minutes of the workout, it's time to chill, cool down and... it's masking time!


For us office ladies, it feels good to multi-task and be able to do something while you are masking for 10~20 minutes.



With the mask on, they continued to do more light exercises.



Finally, it was time to relax and take it all in.


Most of them were smiling at the end of the workout session.

"This is certainly something new for me," said Farah, "And wow, I feel my skin smoother and even glowy. It was nice to end a good workout session with a nice juicy mask."

No worries if you missed this event. You can still purchase the mask at or get them on Shopee and enjoy it during your workout at home!

Stay tuned for more as we hunt down the latest fitness, beauty and other trends in Singapore!

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