I Can't Stop Talking About These Serums

I Can't Stop Talking About These Serums

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By Sherryl Cheong on 26 Jul 2023

If you’re a beauty enthusiast, facial serums are probably already an integral part of your daily skincare regimen. Containing a high concentration of active ingredients and ​​penetrating deep into the skin, they are particularly effective at addressing our specific concerns. But have you heard about serums that are meant for other parts of the body? 

Well, I didn’t, until I recently tried the Miracle Pearls by Blé de Fonty. As someone who thought that serums and facial serums were synonymous, I was surprised to learn about body serums. Plus, this homegrown skincare brand designed formulas specifically for the chest and the butt, no less! I couldn’t stop telling everyone around me that I was about to put those serums to the test.

Blé de Fonty’s serums are suitable for all skin types and come in single-dose biodegradable capsules that are affectionately named pearls. They can be opened fairly easily — all you have to do is stretch the capsule head and twist until it eventually breaks. The brand utilises a special encapsulation technology to seal up these active ingredients, which prolongs their vitality and effectiveness without the need for preservatives. Small and highly portable, you can use them anytime, anywhere

Here’s a serum that I reach for at the start of the day. Comprising wheat embryo oil, squalane, and grape seed oil, this formula is designed to minimise the effects of sun and environmental damage. Since this serum also helps to reduce age spots, wrinkles, and stretch marks, I apply it around my eyes as well as on my forehead and cheeks (in hopes of lightening my freckles). 

Applying the Anti-Wrinkle & Hydrating Daily Beauty PearlPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

The linoleic acid found in grape seed oil helps to build ceramides and maintain the skin's barrier, making it extra suitable for those who face skin conditions like acne, dermatitis, and eczema. I would say that this serum feels the heaviest of the lot but since grape seed oil is non-comedogenic, you don’t have to worry about greasy skin or clogged pores!

When I told my friends that I was about to try a serum for my breasts, they were all beside themselves with curiosity. Some of them even volunteered to try it too, so I saved some pearls for them — I appreciated that the packaging made it easy for me to share the product with others!

I read up on how sun damage can accelerate signs of ageing in the chest area, which manifests in sagging skin. To rejuvenate our breast skin by increasing its firmness and elasticity, this serum consists of rich and natural plant extracts — pueraria lobata and anemarrhena asphodeloides root extracts.

Breast Firming & Recovery PearlsPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

I typically apply this when I’m fresh out of the shower. I must say that this nourishing serum sure softens the skin and applying it allowed me to keep my chest and décolletage supple way longer than my body cream could! 

For the ultimate hydrating combo, I recommend pairing this serum with your body cream to lock in the moisture. This serum makes a thoughtful gift for new mothers who are just done with their breastfeeding journey, as they’d probably appreciate giving their breasts some TLC.

Are you guilty of neglecting your neck when it comes to skincare? For me, it usually gets the scraps — the excess product that I apply to my face. That is not ideal because the skin on our necks is thinner and possesses fewer sebaceous glands compared to the skin on our faces. As such, I finally gave my neck the treatment that it deserves with this 3D Firming & Recovery Pearl, which features rich essential oils like sunflower seed oil

This particular serum works to reduce the appearance of stretch marks. But you don’t have to limit your use to just your neck; it can also be used on other areas like your tummy and thighs. 

Applying the 3D Firming & Recovery Sunflower Serum Pearl on my neck, which is red because of my hivesPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

For me, the main draw of this serum lies in how it is gentle enough for sensitive skin. As you can see, my neck is red — my hives were triggered by my perspiration after a workout. Applying it helped to soothe and repair my itchy skin, so this serum is now a must-have in my daytime and nighttime routine! My neck always feels more hydrated upon application and yet, there is no sticky residue left on my skin.

This serum is another highlight of the lot! I could scarcely believe that there was a serum formulated with our butt skin in mind and I was itching to try it. When I tried it for the very first time, I was bemused as I emptied the contents of a single pearl and slowly massaged the formula into my bum. 

Bum Bum Enhancement PearlsPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

The first thing I noticed was that the serum smelled divine, thanks to the lemon oil. I could slip into my underwear immediately after applying it because the serum was already absorbed into my skin without leaving much residue — I was so impressed! To my complete surprise, my derrière felt warm for the next 10 minutes, as if I was seated on a heated massage chair. No complaints from me because it was super comforting. Plus, it’s proof that the multi-phyto essence oils were working! 

Psst, if you’re a big fan of the beach like me, here’s a skincare tip for your beach days! Before soaking up the sun in your bikini, use the Bum Bum Enhancement Pearl to prep your skin. I noticed that it helps to keep my tush plump even after an entire day out.

As a night owl, I was glad that I could count on this serum to improve my tired-looking skin. I usually apply this before going to bed, which is — as you can guess — during the wee hours of the night. I can count on it to keep my skin supple even after I wake up the next morning, despite sleeping in an air-conditioned room that would otherwise dry out my skin. 

Applying the Firming & Moisturising Night Miracle Pearl on my facePhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

This serum is a rich concoction of wheat embryo oil, squalane, and pomegranate seed oil (which is loaded with antioxidants and punicic acid, a fatty acid that locks in moisture). Apart from nourishing the outer epidermal layer, it also improves skin elasticity and regeneration by allowing keratinocytes — the outer layers of the skin — to be sloughed off more quickly. 

Blé de Fonty’s Miracle Pearls make the perfect giftsPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Apart from being super beneficial to your skin, Blé de Fonty's Miracle Pearls also serve as an engaging conversation starter. When I brought them up, I discovered that my friends and family members were all eager to try the pearls tailored for the chest and bum area. This leads me to believe that these serums would make excellent gifts for them, especially if they are based overseas!

To get a feel of the serums’ consistency and to find out how they feel on your skin, all you need to do is head over to Blé de Fonty’s store at 313 Somerset. Of course, if you would like to shop from the comfort of your home, simply place your order via Lazada or Qoo10.

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