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The Yanné, Onsen Hotel In Genting Highlands Has Mixed-Gender Onsens Where You'll Soak In A Swimsuit

The Yanné, Onsen Hotel In Genting Highlands Has Mixed-Gender Onsens Where You'll Soak In A Swimsuit

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By Karmen on 22 Feb 2023
Digital Editor

Love an onsen soak but not the part where you and your friends or family see each other naked? There's a place near our sunny island where you can enjoy the former and skip the latter - The Yanné, Onsen Hotel in Genting Highlands, Malaysia. This new hot spring-themed hotel offers mixed-gender onsens where guests wear swimsuits instead of being in the nude.


Reminiscent of traditional bath houses in Japan and located a 10-minute drive from attractions like First World Plaza and the theme park, The Yanné, Onsen Hotel offers two kinds of out-of-Singapore experiences in one.

P.S. there's also a new Japanese-style resort in Genting Highlands, Kireina Genting Villa & Cafe, with Studio Ghibli vibes and private jacuzzis in every room.

The Yanné, Onsen HotelPhoto from The Yanné, Onsen Hotel

The onsens are filled with freshly precipitated water from the highlands runoff and rock water recharge, and this water is heated to temperatures between 38 to 43 degrees.

It's basic etiquette to wash oneself before dipping in the waters, and guests can do so at the open shower area that comes with hinoki bath buckets.

Onsen Bathing AreaPhoto from The Yanné, Onsen Hotel

Changing Room & LockersPhoto from The Yanné, Onsen Hotel


Donning the yukatas and getas provided by the hotel, guests can relax, unwind and enjoy a complimentary tea set at the Lantern Lounge.

Onsen Lantern LoungePhoto from The Yanné, Onsen Hotel

Complimentary Tea Set at the Onsen Lantern LoungePhoto from The Yanné, Onsen Hotel

5 Different Onsens at The Yanné, Onsen Hotel

Guests can have fun dipping in and out of the five different onsens at The Yanné, Onsen Hotel, each offering a different ambience and therapeutic benefit.

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The one where everyone will be taking pictures at is no doubt the Sakura Pond. This picturesque bath is surrounded by pebbles, rocks and faux sakura trees, and even has pink flower patterns etched onto the pool floor creating the look of fallen petals. The onsen has a gentle flow of self-renewing underground salt water.


Sakura PoolPhoto from The Yanné, Onsen Hotel

To give your skin a pampering treat, take a dip into the Nano Bubble Pool, which has micro bubbles that penetrate into the skin, leaving it feeling silky smooth.

If you're all about the zen vibes, head to the Zaisu Onsen where you can soak and enjoy the fresh outdoor air and nature.

While the adults might like the idea of sitting still in water, kids might need a little more interactive fun. They'll be able to burn off energy and relax in the Wading Pool, a shallow onsen that doubles as a water playground.

Heated Wading PoolPhoto from The Yanné, Onsen Hotel

There's also a jacuzzi, the Aquifer Recharge, that has artificially created geothermal infiltration of rain, gravity, stream, rock and lowland.

Guests who fancy a private onsen experience can rent the kashikiri onsen for their exclusive use with a minimum of 8 in the group.

The Yanné, Onsen Hotel Rooms


2-Bedroom Suite with BalconyPhoto from The Yanné, Onsen Hotel

The hotel has basic rooms for two as well as more spacious apartments with two bedrooms and a living room. The little Japanese-style decorative touches tie in with the onsen theme, and every room offers a sweeping view of the mountains.

Full mountain view at the One Bedroom SuitePhoto from The Yanné, Onsen Hotel

The Yanné, Onsen Hotel Prices

Don't let the bougie-ness fool you, The Yanné, Onsen Hotel is surprisingly not that pricey. Room rates start from approximately SGD 107 per night for two or SGD 170 per night with onsen access in the Standard Studio Suite. For families or groups of friends, there's a Grand Suite with 1 king bed, 2 single beds, a kitchenette and living room for SGD 207 per night or SGD 330 with spa access.

Say you'd like to stay in a different hotel in Genting Highlands but want to enjoy the spa facilities, you can also book onsen sessions on their own. The 2-hour Onsen session (RM 188, ~SGD 56.65 per person) includes access to all five onsens, the sauna and lounge with a complimentary tea set. There is also an Onsen + Massage package at RM 868 (~SGD 261.56) for two, which comes with an additional 2-hour full body massage including a herbal foot bath.

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