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3 Other Things You Can Do To Protect Your Skin From UV Damage, Beyond Just Wearing Sunscreen

3 Other Things You Can Do To Protect Your Skin From UV Damage, Beyond Just Wearing Sunscreen

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By Sophie Hong on 26 Apr 2022
Senior Editor

One of the basics of skincare is adequate sun protection. But do you know that sometimes, just applying sunscreen and calling it a day isn’t enough?


There are a lot of factors to take into consideration when protecting your skin from harmful UV rays - from the time of sun exposure to the type of activity that you’re doing. So what else can you do besides wearing enough SPF? 

Read on for 3 more things you should do to protect yourself from harmful UV rays! 

#1 Avoid going out in the sun from 10am to 3pm

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In Singapore, UV levels are at their highest from 10am to 3pm. In fact, you might have already noticed that the sun can get quite intense during those hours. Avoid spending that period of time under direct sunlight if you can, and if you can’t, be sure to apply a minimum of SPF 30. Oh, and don’t be shy to use an umbrella to shield yourself! This brings us to our next point… 

#2 Wear clothing with UV protection

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Your skin is the largest organ of your body, yet when it comes to sun protection, most of us only apply sunscreen on our face and other exposed body parts, like our arms and legs. While the rest of your body may be covered, it doesn’t mean that they’re completely protected. 

Plus, not all clothes are effective at blocking UV rays. The looser the weave of the fabric, the more it allows UV rays to penetrate through. So if you really must spend some time out in the sun, throw on a lightweight anti-UV jacket or anti-UV sleeves. Don’t forget your wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses, and make sure they’re made with UV-blocking materials.

And don’t think that you’ll be safe from UV rays by staying indoors! The sun shines in through your windows during the day, and there’s also blue light damage to take into account. Bluelight comes from your digital screens - such as your laptop, TV and phone. Think of all that time you’ve spent on Zoom with your colleagues, or watching Netflix on your tablet or phone. That’s all blue light exposure, which not only strains your eyes but can also cause damage to your skin.

#3 Start taking an oral sunblock, like Snow Radiance 2.0 from LM Soelle™

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Sun damage will cause premature signs of ageing, such as dark spots, wrinkles and decreased elasticity. While sunscreens can help to add a layer of protection by blocking or absorbing UV rays, you should also take an oral sunblock which helps to strengthen your skin’s natural UV defences from the inside out. 

Snow Radiance 2.0 is the new and improved oral sunblock formula from LM Soelle™. It now contains two patent-pending active ingredients for a more well-rounded and effective protection against sun damage.  

First is Tomesoral, a potent ingredient derived from non-GMO heirloom white tomatoes. Not only is it proven to reduce the appearance of dark spots, but it also shields your skin from oxidative damage due to both UV and blue light. The final kicker? It also reduces DNA damage and premature ageing. 


Next is LM Soelle™ Unique Blue Light Defense, a proprietary blend of naturally-derived ingredients such as pomegranate, tea, algae and flora extracts. A powerful antioxidant, this blend protects your skin from signs of ageing and blue light damage, resulting in a radiant and even-toned complexion.

Not only does this skincare supplement help to protect your skin, it also has skin brightening properties. Each capsule contains 300mg of polypodium leucotomos extract, which inhibits the formation of free radicals and L-cysteine, which prevents the production of dark spots and brightens skin effectively.  

Snow Radiance 2.0 is halal and vegan, and all you need is just 2 capsules a day for added protection against UV and blue light damage. That will result in healthier and brighter skin, as well as a boost in collagen and skin elasticity! 

Snow Radiance 2.0 is retailing for $168 per box of 60 capsules. Get it here.

Pair it with: UV Defense White SPF 50 PA++++

UV Defense White is now retailing at $49 for 2 bottles, promotion valid till 15 May.Photo from LM Soelle

Just because you’re taking an oral sunblock doesn’t mean you can skip the sunscreen! If your concerns include dullness, pigmentation or acne, then try the UV Defense White from LM Soelle™. 

With a lightweight and non-oily texture, this sunscreen is perfect for Singapore’s hot and humid weather. But it’s not just about sun protection! The UV Defense White also comes with added skincare benefits - ingredients like calamine, centella asiatica extract (cica) and aloe barbedemsis leaf extract help to moisturise and soothe, while niacinamide and totarol help to restore and protect your skin. 

UV Defense White is retailing for $39. Get it here.

Why not gift your mum great skin this Mother’s Day? Get her the summer duo, a box of Snow Radiance 2.0 and a bottle of UV Defense White for $168, or two bottles of UV Defense White for $49. Promotion ends 15 May. Shop now on LM Soelle.

The Summer Duo, retailing at $168 from now till 15 May.Photo from LM Soelle

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