This Cult Favourite Powder Facial Wash From Japan Now Comes In A Limited-edition Pink Sakura Version

This Cult Favourite Powder Facial Wash From Japan Now Comes In A Limited-edition Pink Sakura Version

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By Sophie Hong on 15 Apr 2022
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April marks the start of sakura season. To celebrate the arrival of spring, Japanese beauty brand Suisai is releasing a limited edition version of its cult product, the Beauty Clear Powder Wash, now infused with the scent of sakura and peach

If you’re new to this facial wash that has achieved cult status amongst Asian beauty aficionados, allow us to explain how a small amount of this pretty pink powder can give you the clearest and most radiant complexion you’ll ever have. 

Pour the powder from just one capsule onto your palm. Add a small amount of water, and lather with your fingers till the product starts foaming up. 

How to use Suisai's Beauty Clear Powder WashPhoto from Suisai

Massage the foam on your face in circular motions and rinse, but not before taking a second to indulge in a little aromatherapy! This limited-edition release contains top notes of peach, sakura and jasmine anchored by a woody base note, which will have you longing for a spring holiday in Japan. 

After washing, you’ll notice that your complexion feels smoother and looks more radiant. This is thanks to a combination of enzymes and amino acid-based surfactants, which helps with removing blackheads, sloughing off dead skin and dislodging stubborn keratin plugs without being too harsh on your skin. With this, you can bid goodbye to your strawberry nose forever!

Read on to find out more about the facial cleansers and makeup removers in Suisai’s Beauty Clear range! 

Suisai Beauty Clear Powder Wash

Suisai Beauty Clear Powder Wash, 15 capsules for $14, 32 capsules for $27.Photo from Suisai

Since its launch in 2005, the Beauty Clear Powder Wash has gained a reputation for effectively breaking down impurities and sebum using two types of enzymes and three amino-acid based cleaning ingredients. There are even more reasons to love this unique powder type face wash now - the latest update to its formulation sees the addition of ethyl glucoside and sodium hyaluronate for additional moisturising effects. 

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Suisai Beauty Clear Micro Wash

Suisai Beauty Clear Micro Wash, $27.Photo from Suisai

If blackheads and clogged pores are the banes of your existence, either due to oily or acne-prone skin, then this is the facial wash for you. Its key ingredients are Moroccan lava clay and white clay, which have particles that are smaller than pores. It lathers into a rich and dense foam with water, which helps with clearing all sorts of debris from deep within your pores. You can also use it as a rinse-off mask on your T-zone. 

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Suisai Beauty Clear Shake Cleansing

Suisai Beauty Clear Shake Cleansing, $27.Photo from Suisai

We’re often pressed for time, so we love a multi-tasking makeup remover that doesn’t require any rinsing. The product has two layers: an oil layer to remove long-wearing or oil-based makeup, and a lotion layer for water-soluble impurities and added hydration, leaving your skin soft and clean. Here’s a pro-tip: use it in the morning in place of your facial wash, as it helps with cleansing and prepping your skin for flawless makeup! 

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Suisai Beauty Clear Jelly Cleansing

Suisai Beauty Clear Jelly Cleansing, $36.Photo from Suisai

Dealing with dry skin? Then here’s a product that’ll not just remove your makeup but also deliver a large dose of hydration at the same time. Like its name suggests, this product has a jelly texture and is 59% skin-beautifying ingredients such as collagen, dimethicone and hydrogenated polyisobutene. Just apply on a dry face, massage to thoroughly melt off all traces of makeup and rinse for happy and hydrated skin. 

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