Alibaba 11.11 Global Shopping Festival: 18 Fashion Finds For Both Bold & Minimalist Styles

Alibaba 11.11 Global Shopping Festival: 18 Fashion Finds For Both Bold & Minimalist Styles

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By Sophie Hong on 07 Nov 2021
Senior Editor

Taobao is a treasure trove of value-for-money finds, from furniture to electronics to clothes and accessories. And while it is a Chinese language website, a common misconception is that you need to be able to read and write Chinese fluently in order to use it. 

With Alibaba’s annual 11.11 Global Shopping Festival right around the corner, we thought we’d share some tips and tricks to help you navigate the app expertly to get the best buys and discounts without fretting over the language aspect.

Here are three Taobao hacks that’ll allow you to search for your items, even if you got E8 for your Chinese O Levels: 

#1: Use the image search function on the Taobao mobile app

taobao-singapore-english-1111-sale_image search

Saw something you like at your friend’s house? Snap a photo of it using the Taobao app (tap on the camera button in the search box) and it’ll show you similar items! Likewise, if you see an item that you like on say, a Pinterest board, just upload the image on the app to search for similar items.

#2: Use the voice search function on the Taobao mobile app

taobao-singapore-english-1111-sale_voice search

Some of us are better at speaking Chinese than reading or writing it. If that’s you, simply tap the search box and then tap on the microphone button above the keyboard to activate the voice search feature. Or you can just ask someone who can speak Chinese. Easy! 

#3: Use Taobao keywords

taobao-singapore-english-1111-sale_keywordsPhoto from Taobao

Still clueless? Follow Taobao Singapore on Instagram and refer to their helpful guides on search keywords. Now you’ll know how to say or type crop top, blazer, tote bag and bucket hat in Chinese! 

Another misconception about shopping on Taobao is that delivery will be a hassle. There’s now Taobao Direct Delivery (官方直邮), which notifies you of the cross-border shipping fee when you place your order. You can pay for your products and cross-border shipping fee together on the checkout page with no additional steps required - all that’s left is to wait for your package to arrive! 

taobao-singapore-english-1111-sale_Taobao Direct DeliveryPhoto from Taobao

Taobao also has a free return service for eligible items, so you can shop with peace of mind knowing that you can always get a refund if the item doesn’t fit or isn’t quite what you were looking for. Simply initiate a goods return request (上门取退) in the app - there will be a step-by-step guide in English that tells you what to do. 

Finally, there are two shipping methods available on Taobao - air or sea freight. Air is the fastest option, whereas sea freight is often used for big or bulky shipments, such as furniture. If you change your mind for whatever reason after check out, don’t fret. You can now amend your shipping method from air to sea freight in the Taobao app before your parcel is dispatched from the consolidation warehouse in China. 

OK, now you’re all equipped to shop on Taobao during the 11.11 sale! Here are some promotions that shoppers in Singapore can enjoy (remember to make sure your Taobao app location reflects a Singapore one so you checkout with a local address!): 

  • DAILY HONGBAOS Snatch up to RMB111($24) hongbaos for sitewide shopping and shipping from 4-10 November with a minimum spend of RMB1111($234). Limited quantities daily, stackable with other discounts and promo codes. 
  • RMB888 ($188) HONGBAO Snatch hongbaos worth up to RMB888($188) on 11 November with a minimum spend of RMB5999($1264).
  • FREE CROSS-BORDER SHIPPING With a minimum spend of RMB299($63) for participating popular items across multiple categories.
  • NEW USER PROMO CODE Use the code “2021NEW” when you checkout to enjoy RMB20($4.20) off a minimum spend of RMB21 ($4.40). Valid till 31 December 2021, limited redemptions available and for one-time use only. 

Read on for some fashion items that we found on Taobao that are great for bold dressers and those with a minimalist fashion sense! 


Beaded shoulder bag, RMB70 ($16.50)

taobao-singapore-english-1111-sale_Beaded Shoulder BagPhoto from Taobao

Get it here

Mini beaded crossbody bag with chain, RMB59 ($12.40)

taobao-singapore-english-1111-sale_Mini beaded crossbody bagPhoto from Taobao

Get it here.

Boho beaded belt, RMB56 ($11.80)

taobao-singapore-english-1111-sale_Boho beaded beltPhoto from Taobao

Get it here.

Stackable acrylic rings, RMB29.90 - 39.90 ($6.30 - $8.40)

taobao-singapore-english-1111-sale_Stackable acrylic ringsPhoto from Taobao

Get it here.

Resin and wood bold statement earrings, RMB39 ($8.20)

taobao-singapore-english-1111-sale_Resin & wood bold statement earringsPhoto from Taobao

Get it here.

Stylish mask chain, RMB43 - 48.95 ($9 - $10.30)

taobao-singapore-english-1111-sale_Stylish mask chainPhoto from Taobao

Get it here.

Acrylic and metal chain smiley face necklace, RMB16.99 ($3.60)

taobao-singapore-english-1111-sale_acrylic smiley face necklacePhoto from Taobao

Get it here.

Vintage printed long-sleeved shirt, RMB89 ($18.90)

taobao-singapore-english-1111-sale_Vintage printed long sleeve shirtPhoto from Taobao

Get it here

Colourful retro shades, RMB24 ($5.10)

taobao-singapore-english-1111-sale_colourful retro shadesPhoto from Taobao

Get it here.


Genuine leather saddle bag, RMB268 ($56.70)

taobao-singapore-english-1111-sale_Genuine leather saddle bagPhoto from Taobao

Get it here.

Genuine leather structured bag with scarf, RMB278 ($58.80)

taobao-singapore-english-1111-sale_Genuine leather structured bag with scarfPhoto from Taobao

Get it here.

Skinny leather belt, RMB30 ($6.30)

taobao-singapore-english-1111-sale_Skinny leather beltPhoto from Taobao

Get it here.

Minimalist gold stackable rings, RMB28.50 ($6)

taobao-singapore-english-1111-sale_Minimalist gold stackable ringsPhoto from Taobao

Get it here.

Minimalist gold/silver earrings, RMB25.80 - 27.80 ($5.50 - $5.90)

taobao-singapore-english-1111-sale_Minimalist gold or silver earringsPhoto from Taobao

Get it here.

Dainty beaded mask chains, RMB12 - 22 ($2.50 - $4.60)

taobao-singapore-english-1111-sale_Dainty beaded mask chainsPhoto from Taobao

Get it here.

Double layered gold necklace, RMB18.90 ($4)

Double layered gold necklacePhoto from Taobao

Get it here.

Oversized denim jacket, RMB 48.98 - 56.98 ($10.40 - $12)

taobao-singapore-english-1111-sale_Oversized denim jacketPhoto from Taobao

Get it here.

Classic black shades, RMB169 ($35.60)

taobao-singapore-english-1111-sale_classic black shadesPhoto from Taobao

Get it here.

Besides clothes and accessories, you can also find furniture, electronics, appliances, home decor item, kitchen accessories, beauty products, baby products and more on Taobao. Head over to the Taobao website or Taobao mobile app to start shopping the 11.11 sale now! 

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