5 Bollywood Movies That Can Help You Get Over A Bad BREAKUP!

5 Bollywood Movies That Can Help You Get Over A Bad BREAKUP!

By GirlStyle on 05 Dec 2018

No matter in which part of the world you are, from old age to the modern times we have grown up listening to fairy tales and each individual, especially girls get crazy over the idea of finding their soulmate. We have also encountered another factor prevailing in the society that your epic romantic love story can only begin with your one & only. But people forget to make you aware of the fact to tell you that it is a long journey and things might take time.

Growing up watching movies like DDLJ and Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi we have always seen the glittering side of love and meanwhile, we fail to realise that in order to find our final perfect one we have to go through a few bad relationships. They also don't tell you that there might be more than one perfect match for you somewhere or the other. They also don't tell you about how to get over a breakup when there is already so much going on around you.

However a huge thanks to the contemporary movies that serve as a reference on how to deal with breakups. Here are five Bollywood movies you can watch if you have just had a bad breakup.


Dil Chahta Hai

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Relationships are not always the type we see in romantic Bollywood movies and we are bound to fall for the trap of believing in the happy endings. When Sid falls in love with Tara he clearly ignores a lot of rules that society has imposed on him. Tara being older to him, a divorce, an alcoholic and mother to a child is just opposite to what is ideally expected. However, when things don't work out at the end he mourns on how beautiful it could have been. In no way the story makes us feel that his love was any lesser than that of his friend's Akash and Sameer.



Jab We Met

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Geet always thought that Anshuman was the one for her but life gave her another chance to fall in love. She had been rolling like crazy for a man who wasn't what she expected him to be. She wasted all her efforts on someone who didn't even care enough to look after her when she was all by herself. In our sad and stubborn mood, we always end up making mistakes and this exactly what happened with Geet. Geet met Aditya at the wrong place and wrong time but they worked out their way together cause it was simply meant to be.


Dear Zindagi

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Kiara seeks therapy for one major problem in her life which happened to be her abandonment. That was probably the sole reason on why she was unable to hold on to any of her relationships. The movie clearly brings us to the idea of learning who we are as a human, to dig deeper within our own self before distressing over the failed relationships we have had. This film is just the right thing to help you learn the skill.


Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

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Naina and Bunny were obviously the lead couple in the movie, but it was basically Aditi who was learning to balance her friendship and secret love for Avi. Aditi was heartbroken and she took her time to get over the pain & move on. She ends up marrying a guy whom she thought of being an extremely bad option. She shows us how to believe in the unexpected to fill up the empty space and feel complete as a person with the right one. And not to forget she looked absolutely happy with Taran!



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Rani doesn't let the fact of her called off marriage affect her when it came to living her life to the fullest. She decides to step into a world she wasn't even aware of all by HERSELF! She decides to go on a journey of self-discovery and makes some new friends and has a rocking time while learning about new stuff around her. All thanks to her courageous decision to go on her honeymoon trip to Paris. The movie gave us goosebumps when we saw Rani grow out into a beautiful flower from her little seed like life.


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