9 GIFS of Non Sensical Songs That We Hate To Love

9 GIFS of Non Sensical Songs That We Hate To Love

By GirlStyle on 12 Nov 2018

Every Bollywood fan loves to listen Bollywood songs all the time. No matter what song it is, as long as the beats are nice the song can be borne.  From Tha Karke to Nonsense Ki Night, every Bollywood song is important! Gone are the plain old days when the songs of Rd Burman and Gulzar used to have deep emotions and meaning behind each of their lyrics. Bollywood nowadays has become accustomed to experimenting with music and the audience now has developed the attitude of hating to love all those weird experiments.

Bollywood films have romantic songs, sad songs, fun songs, dancing numbers and now they even have non sensical songs. These are the songs that do not make sense at all and are just random words that are combined together with some good musical beats. Take a look at the gifs of nine songs that make no sense and you hate them but you can't stop yourself from grooving on them.


Photo from tumblr

Left right kare chain churaaye Tooh!
Tooh-tooh tooh-tooh tooh…
District mein hullad machaaye
Tooh-tooh tooh-tooh tooh…
All the boys go crazy when i shake that tooh
Tooh-tooh tooh-tooh tooh…
Aashiqon ki linein lagwaye
Tooh-tooh tooh-tooh tooh…

Well it was only possible if we had Kim Kardashian's Tooh!!!

Trippy Trippy

Photo from tumblr

Saiyan ne modi humri baiyyan
Haaye main toh mar gayi daiyya
Woh de gaye humka
hickey hickey hickey hickey Pagla haaye psychedelic saiyan
Naache hai taa taa thaiya
Naache hai jaise hippie hippie hippie hippie Shouldn't the Saiyyan be reported for violence, huh?!
Po Po Po

Photo from thequint

Teri cat jaisi walk, Teri sweety sweety talk
Tera attitude mast soniye
Mud-mud ke na dekh khul ke tu aankhen sekh
Aaja lage ja gale tu soniye
Tere seb jaise gaal
Tu hai mind blowing maal aaja nach le
O soni nach le o soni nach le mere naal ve
O soni nach le o soni nach le mere naal ve
Po po popopo, po po popopo… [x2]

No kudi will dance if she invited with a PO!!!


Caller Tune

Photo from gifer

Caller Tune baby
Caller Tune baby
Caller Tune baby
Mujhe apni bana le caller tune soniye
Everytime I see you
I’m over the moon soniye
Tujhe chahun summer, winter, monsoon, soniye!

That's a new!! Gone are the days when men wanted to be a lady's first and last love. Now they want to be Caller Tune!! Shakespeare must be rolling in his grave, for sure!


Saree K Fall Sa

Photo from gfycat

Touch karke, touch karke
Touch karke, touch karke
Kahaan chaldi bach kar ke
Touch karke, touch karke
Touch karke dil se dil attach kiya re
Kabhi chhod diya dil kabhi catch kiya re
Saari ke fall sa kabhi match kiya re

The girl needs to stop touching whatever it is!! Or at least become good with her reflexes to catch.

Tinku Jiya

Photo from mtvindia

Pal Pal Na Mane Tinku Jiya, Haan Tinku Jiya
Isak Ka Manjan Ghisey Hai Piya
Pal Pal Na Mane Tinku Jiya, Haan Tinku Jiya
Isak Ka Manjan Ghisey Hai Piya

Tinku Jiya needs to know that toothpaste and brushes are available in the market these days!

Ice Cream Khaungi

Photo from soundproof

Ice Cream Khaungi
Kashmir Jaaungi
Sholo Mein Bhadke Jiyaa
Jalve Karaungi
Usko Rijhaungi
Jo Hoga Mera Piya

The girl is extremely confused and indecisive. She needs to decide if she wants to eat ice cream, go to Kashmir or seduce her man!!

Dil Kare Chu Che

Photo from etc.in

Lutt gaya main sohni tere pyar mein
Maar na deyi mainu intezaar mein
Akhiyan main do se chaar karke oye
Pad gaya dil te kaarobar mein

He wants to say that he loves you bae
Now you gotta tell him something too
In every way, I just wanna say
That you are the one, baby I love you

Oh tera ikraar sun ke

Ke dil kare chu che, chu che, che (x4)

My heart says che chu che che che (x2)

Ke dil kare chu che chu che che (x2)

Now that his defying science!! The only fact people knew was that heart makes sound of sub-dub while beating, Chu Che is new!!

Dil Dance Maare

Photo from tumblr

White white face dheke dil woh beating fast sasura
Jaan se maare re
Oh very… oh very…
Oh very happy in my heart
Dil dance maare re
Very happy in my heart, dil dance maare re
Dil dance maare dance maare
Dil yeh dance maare
Oh very happy in my heart
Dil dance maare re

This songs gives new meaning to phase "dancing with heart".


Pictures- Tumblr, etc.in, giver, fycat, mtvindia, deccanchronicles, thequint, soundproof
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