Malaika's Homemade Body Scrub Recipe is Super Easy & Will Leave Your Skin Feeling Soft & Radiant

Malaika's Homemade Body Scrub Recipe is Super Easy & Will Leave Your Skin Feeling Soft & Radiant

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By Samprita on 19 Aug 2020
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COVID-19 has taught everyone how to love all things natural and no we are not complaining! If you are having a hard time getting your hands on your favourite beauty products due to unavailability or you are on a DIY spree these days then keep reading!


From egg hair masks to aloe vera face packs, people are using everyday kitchen ingredients to pamper themselves. The home remedies obviously work better when you're spending time at home and can't (now shouldn't) visit the salon for a session.

One Bollywood star who has always indulged in at-home beauty is Malaika Arora and in the new video she has shared, the actress is seen talking about a DIY body scrub recipe and you've got to try it!

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The Chaiyya-Chaiyya girl took to Instagram and said, " “I was introduced to some cool, exotic scrubs, but given the conditions right now, I've totally run out of body scrubs". Her solution? Taking the natural route. “So I decided, why not make my own at home?”.

So, let us all board the DIY train & begin!

How to prepare Malaika Arora's DIY Body Scrub



  • Coffee Powder
  • Brown Sugar/ White Sugar (Granules)
  • Coconut Oil/ Almond Oil

Step-by-step guide 

#1  Add desired coffee powder into a bowl and add brown sugar or granulated white sugar.

#2  Now, add coconut or almond oil till it forms a paste. Mix the ingredients well.

#3 Rub the mixture gently all over your body in a circular motion to get rid of dead skin cells.

The end result? Skin that is soft, radiant and moisturised. “Who said coffee is always bad for your health. Here's a tip to turn that villain into a hero,” shared Arora about the wonderful ingredient.

Take a look at the video here:

Coffee is packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Using coffee as a scrub not only removes dead skin cells but also helps to nourish and moisturise it. It can instantly brighten up tanned skin and tighten up your pores.


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