How To Create A Simple Pull-Through Hair Braid

How To Create A Simple Pull-Through Hair Braid

By Samprita on 02 Jun 2020
Senior Digital Editor

We are always on the hunt for new and easy hairstyles to rock during this lockdown period and do you wish to know which one is on our list RN? The simple pull-through braid! This famous braiding technique has been taking over our Insta feeds and we cannot help but give it a shot.


This hairstyle might appear to look very difficult to try but trust us, it's pretty easy to ace & it will soon become your go-to hairstyle this summer season.

P.S - This hairstyle is best suited for girls with medium to long hair.

Want to learn how to master this super gorgeous braid? Here's a step-by-step guide to help you with the process:

Things you will need:

  • Brush/ Comb
  • Few small hair ties

KassinkaPhoto from Kassinka

Step 1: This braid requires volume, so start by backcombing your hair at the crown, spritz some dry shampoo on the crown are to give it some lift and texture.

Step 2: Now, take a section of hair at the crown and make a small ponytail and tie it up with a hair tie. Next, flip it & clip it to keep it out of the way.

Step 3: Gather two sections of your hair from each side of the head and create another ponytail right below the first one. You will now have two ponytails, one below the other.

Step 4:  Remove the clip from the first ponytail and split into two halves, wrap each section around the second ponytail. Now, pull the second ponytail through and secure the two sections of the first ponytail at the base of the second one.

Step 5: Take two more sections of hair and repeat Step 4 again. Continue doing this step until you have no more hair left to secure more ponytails. Pull the of each section to make the braid voluminous and here you have your super fancy braid!


Feature Image: All Things Hair

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