Mothers Day Special: 4 Things You Can Do To Make Your Mother Happy & Loved

Mothers Day Special: 4 Things You Can Do To Make Your Mother Happy & Loved

By kashish on 08 May 2020
Digital Editor

Mother's Day is being celebrated on 10th May and while there are not many options to select from, we can definitely give our best shot to make our mothers happy. Confined within our homes, with no access to luxury that we would have normally offered our mum for the special occasion, the options for mother's day celebrations are not much. But then our mums were never the ones to love over the top, highly dramatic gestures. Saying even something as simple as I love you, can make a mother happy like no gift in the world could ever do. Being said all that, does not mean that we cannot make this mother day special for our mother. 


Here are 4 things that we can do as we quarantine at home and still make our mothers happy, feel loved, cherished and valued.

Clean our rooms

Every other conversation, if we can refer the act of caring quick words and hurrying because friends are waiting, party to go, film to watch, classes to attend etc, you mom must have reminded you and even pleaded to you to clean your room. Clothes are thrown across the rooms, a messy wardrobe, bed looking like a war of quilts took place and what not.

Take a few minutes out of your schedule and clean your room, let your mother take a moment to sit and relax as you clean your room. Trust us, nothing is going to make her more happy than seeing your room clean. It might be a very small thing and wont even matter to anyone but then again our mothers are never a part of "anyone" crowd. It will mean the world to her, seeing you cleaning your room and for once completing her request.

Breakfast in bed

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You might not be a master chef, you might not even know how to make most of things that you like to eat but a simple meal, breakfast in bed for your mom will hardly be a task for you. Set alarm, wake up a little early and serve your mom breakfast in best. Allow her moments of relaxation and pamper her by bringing tea/coffee to her bed.


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As we grow up and realise that we need to be the part of "cool" crowd, we often tend to avoid sitting peacefully without our mobiles glued to our hands and enjoying a simple conversation with our mother. Its high time. Surprise you mom, sit with her make a cup of coffee/tea she so loves to drink and enjoy meaningful conversation with her. Tell her that you love her, tell her about your life, talk about your favourite show, favourite film, make her feel important, let her know that no matter how many friends you have on social media, how many people you go to party with and have fun, nothing will ever make you as happy and as content as having peaceful conversation with her.

Watch a film

One thing that is never going to change is your mom's favourite film. She must have watched all those superhero films with you, she may have enjoyed all those horror films with, even though they scared her to death or made her laugh like a comedy show and inspite of all the 3d films you made her watch, the most favourite film of your mum will be the one she watched during her teenage years or maybe during her early 20's. It might not be the film you would ever like to sit and watch but do it for her. Play her favourite film, sit along with her, grab some snacks and enjoy the film together. Listen as your mom will tell you why she loved that film, laugh when she tells you some funny incident or some mischief she did to be able to watch that film. It will make her truly happy.

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