"He Tried To Woo Me With A Luxury Bag", Actress Shilpa Shetty Recalls Her Cute Love Story With Business Tyc Raj Kundra

"He Tried To Woo Me With A Luxury Bag", Actress Shilpa Shetty Recalls Her Cute Love Story With Business Tyc Raj Kundra

By kashish on 25 Mar 2020
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One of the most popular actress, fashion diva and inspiration Shilpa Shetty Kundra recalls her sweet sweet fairy tale love story with her husband Raj Kundra with whom she tied a knot on 22nd November 2009. The couple from the very start had been the talk of the town and under media scrutiny during the days of their courtships but their love seemed to cross all the hiccups and problems and came out strong Now a decade after their marriage, Shilpa can't help but feel blessed as she recalls the initial days of their relationship. 



Even though there have been too many speculations and controversies regarding the couple but we have never known the truth of their relationship, which the actress decided to share now. The actress recalls how they met through a common friend only wanting to be business acquaintances but as one can never predict the life, they turned out to become each other's soulmates, best friends, partners and lovers.


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Shilpa and Raj met in London to discuss the business deal and back then she had no idea that Raj was married and was disappointed when she knew about the same as she was enamoured with his smile, charm and intelligence. 4 months later when Shilpa went to London, Raj offered her his bachelor pad to stay which surprised the actress since Raj was married. Later on raj came out and told the actress about his divorce proceedings.



Like every other love story, even Shilpa and Raj's took a turn to phase "Lets be friends". The actress shared how Raj tried to woo her by sending 3 similar Versace handbags but in different colour to her as a present. The actress later realise that Raj was dropping hints for relationship and more,  to which actress denied saying that she did not wanted to spoil their friendship and that she would never move to London, even though the actress was getting a little desperate to get married.


But it was not the end to their love story. On one random day Shilpa gets a call from raj who asks her if she has ever seen Jalsa (Amitabh Bachchan's residence) to which the actress gave an affirmative reply. Raj told her that he brought a floor in the building in front of the Jalsa, leaving Shilpa to wonder why would a London based person buy apartment floor in Mumbai.



The very next day raj took Shilpa to her the building where he purchased 7th floor. The funny part of that, the building was still under construction and had be been only till second floor. Later on Raj told Shilpa that London or Mumbai never mattered as long as they were together and since then the two have been living a fairytale life with their two bundles of joy, their son Viaan Raj Kundra and their daughter Samisha Shetty Kundra.


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