Actor Kartik Aaryan Rants About Corona Virus Pyaar Ka Punchnama Style Amidst The Isolation Period

Actor Kartik Aaryan Rants About Corona Virus Pyaar Ka Punchnama Style Amidst The Isolation Period

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By kashish on 20 Mar 2020
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These days the only thing people are heard or seen talking about is Corona Virus. It seems like we have managed to forget that a life existed beyond the scare of virus. As weird as it sounds, we can't deny that is it extremely important to be aware about something so vital that has led people to their deathbed. Even if we get bored by listening about same thing or reading about same thing and even staying at our homes and practicing social distancing, the fact that it is important cannot be denied. As the saying goes, "Prevention is better than cure" and in our case, countries all over the world are trying to find the cure for the said trouble. So the least we can do from our side to is to follow the safety rules and to keep ourselves healthy. This can be a little contribution from ourselves to all the scientists, doctors and nurses around the work who have been working around the clock to save the lives of thousands of people.


While at it we can also forward our grateful gratitudes towards celebrity who have used heir humungous fan following and their voices for the noble cause and helped the government to make people aware about the difficult situation and to request them to follow all the safety measures. Among hundreds of celebrities, actor Kartik Aaryan is also the one who took it to his social media to talk about the problem and shared the ways of taking preventive measures. The fun part is that instead of making a long and tiring speech about the issue, the actor ranted it out in the form of monologue from his film Pyaar Ka Punchnama.

Screenshot 2020-03-20 at 11.37.27 AMKartik gained popularity among his fans due to his long monologue from the film and since then there has been no public appearance made by the actor where he his fans have not requested him to vocalise the monologue. The actor started the monologue with the original lines "Problem, problem yeh hai ki koi problem nhi hai..." and then he went ahead and created entire monologue dedicating it towards sharing the vital information related to Covid 19 with his fans.


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On days like these when people across the nations are scared and worried, even the slightest of positivity can be like the light shining at the end of the tunnel, giving everyone hope and Kartik Aaryan's monologue on Corona has been the very same at time like this.  Meanwhile the actor is making most of his free days and is enjoying all his free time with family due to the fact that films and television show shooting has been postponed to prevent the spread of Corona.


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