#RedSetGo- These Celebrities Rock In Red

#RedSetGo- These Celebrities Rock In Red

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By kashish on 11 Sep 2018
Digital Editor

"Give a lady the right lipstick and she can conquer the World."


A classic Red Lipstick needs no introduction. If done right, it can make you look hot and sexy at any given point of the day. Red lipstick is that stamp that can make or break the entire look. Red is the symbol of confidence, sensuality, power and dominance. As beautiful as it seems, Red lips suit only when worn with the perfect hair, makeup and a dress to go along with it.

Let's take a look at some of our favourite celebrities and take inspiration from them, on how to work the red lip like pro! 

Katrina Kaif

VanityNoApologiesPhoto from VanityNoApologies

Katrina Kaif marvels in Red lace gown and dyed hair, yet what captures our attention the most are her gorgeous Red lips! Katrina paired her Red lips with sleek hair style that leaves more room for her face to be defined. She looks like a vision in light brown smokey eye complimented by her pale pink blush and touch of mascara.

Disha Patani

IDivaPhoto from IDiva


Disha's red lips and beautiful smile are more than enough to steal hearts. Her cat eye look, retro style hairdo and bold velvet gown take us back to that classic 80's style fashion. The blood red color of her lipstick highlights her facial features and dark brown eyes.

PinterestPhoto from Pinterest

Kareena stuns the crowd with her pouty  lips and smokey grey eyes. Kareena paired her pure white gown with Ruby red lips and uptight hairdo. While her smokey eyes capture attention quickly, they do not over power her red lips. Those contoured cheeks and well defined eyebrows grab and deflect all the attention to her eyes and lips making her look glamorous as ever.

Jacqueline Fernandez

PinterestPhoto from Pinterest

Jacqueline rocks her off shoulder top and high waist magenta pants with a messy tail and cherry lips. She complimented her cherry lips with subtle silver eyes and pale pink blush. While the shade might not be classic hot rod red, it definitely gives those sensual vibe that makes us want to stare at her all day long.

Alia Bhatt

NewsXPhoto from NewsX

Alia has paired her current red lips with tint of pink blush and highlight. Her eye make up does not overpower or clash with her dark lips. The well defined lips make her face look neat and eye catching. The current tone of red make Alia look beautiful and glamorous at the same time.


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