How To Cover Facial Hair Using Foundation

How To Cover Facial Hair Using Foundation

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By Samprita on 10 Feb 2020
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Have you ever noticed that the peach fuzz aka the facial hair on your face (hair around your jawline and lower cheek area) becomes more prominent after you wear makeup? Isn't it infuriating to see that while you were thinking foundation could hide your skin imperfections, it is actually doing the opposite? Well, maybe your foundation is not at fault here, but the technique you are using.


No, it doesn't mean that you have been blending your foundation wrong all this while. It just means that when it comes to hiding that annoying facial hair, you need to apply your foundation a particular way.

So, exactly how should you do it? Let us help you with that. Here is how you should apply and blend your foundation to tackle that peach fuzz and get a smooth foundation finish.

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What are you doing wrong?

We know you would have been applying your foundation in upward and outward strokes. While that is the correct way to blend your foundation on the fuzzy area of your face, you may need to do it the other way from now onwards. Wondering why? Swiping the foundation brush against the direction of the hair, which means upwards, makes the facial hair stand out and highlights it, even more, making it more noticeable.

Foundation hack to hide the peach fuzz

Here's exactly what you need to do. Do your base makeup as you'd usually do. Moisturise, prime and colour correct. Now apply small dots of your favourite liquid or moose foundation all over your face for an even application. Take your foundation brush and start blending it around your cheekbones, nose and forehead in outward strokes.

To blend the foundation on the lower part of your face -cheeks, jawline and chin ( where the facial hair is more visible), move your brush in downward strokes. This will help in taming the pesky hair and give you a smooth finish, with no hair in visibility. You can next finish your makeup with a setting spray and dab it with your beauty blender to keep the fine hair from sticking up and to make your makeup last longer.


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