For Proper Skin Care Avoid Wearing Makeup In These 4 Situations

For Proper Skin Care Avoid Wearing Makeup In These 4 Situations

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By kashish on 04 Feb 2020
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We all love to wear makeup. Going to Sephora and stocking up new products in different brands is what most of us love to do during our free time. Makeup not only helps us in looking beautiful by enhancing our beauty but it also gives us confidences and makes us feel empowered. Playing around with different colours be it eyeshadows or be it lipsticks is extremely fun. While lipsticks and lipglosses makes our lips look fuller and plump, eyeliners, mascara and eyeshadow help in defining our eyes making them look even more intense and deep.


Makeup is an art that we all love to do and express our creative nature. While makeup has tons of benefits, we should also keep in mind the fact that it should not be over done. While our skin looks good for few hours after doing makeup, by caking our face on regular basis and at every place we tend to damage it. Not all the places are meant for makeup and neither all the situations. Take a look at 4 of those important instances when wearing makeup should be avoided.

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Never wear makeup after swimming or after taking hot shower. The chlorine present in the swimming pool can harm our skin if not cleansed properly and adding makeup on top of it will cause skin to get damaged even more. Hot water tends to open all the pores on our skin whereas cold water tends to close our skin pores. Therefore it is suggested to avoid doing makeup when our skin pores are opened as the makeup will end up blocking all those pores and will cause breakouts.

Another situation when your should avoid wearing makeup is after the time when you start cleaning your house or rooms. While cleaning our skin comes in contact with germs, dust particles and pollution which tend to stick on our skin. Once you have cleaned you should scrub and cleanse your face properly to get rid of all the dust and then do makeup. Adding makeup on top of dirty skin will only cause skin to get irritated and develop allergies.

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You should also never wear makeup at gym. Once we start working out we tend to sweat and wearing makeup will prevent our skin from sweating by clogging all our pores which will not only cause infections by will also be the cause of acne and pimples.

If you suffer from breakouts on regular basis then you must avoid wearing makeup as it will do nothing more than to annoy your sensitive skin and will make your breakouts go from bad to worse. They will elevate your breakouts and cause it to spread. Makeup will also cause your pimples and acnes to inflame your skin further which can lead to scarring.


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