Surakshit Rahein! 5 Safety Tips That Every Woman Should Follow

Surakshit Rahein! 5 Safety Tips That Every Woman Should Follow

By Anuradha on 12 Dec 2019
Digital Editor

With the brutal rape and murder of the 26-year-old doctor, the debate on women safety has started all over again. According to a report, India is the most unsafe country for women. We are living in the 21st century where ladies are achieving their dreams, doing the job they want but they still have to think twice before stepping out of their homes.


From getting touched inappropriately to people staring at us, we all face many things almost every day. Here are five tips you should follow to stay safe in this country:

If you are travelling through the metro then always try to use the compartment reserved for women. This is going to save you from many troubles.

If you are using a cab then don't forget to share the live location with your family. Always keep your phone charged. Carry a power bank in case of emergency.

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Save the emergency phone numbers and activate your speed dials. Don't hesitate to call the police if you feel unsafe.

Avoid taking a lift from strangers. Your carelessness can get you in big trouble.

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Always keep pepper spray with you for self-defence. If you feel like someone is following you, use it on him and run away.

Above all, always trust your instincts. It's high time, ladies should learn self-defence because looking at the number of crimes happening, nobody is safe.

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