Actor Ayushmann Khurana Wins Hearts With His Powerful Speech About Being A "Gentleman"

Actor Ayushmann Khurana Wins Hearts With His Powerful Speech About Being A "Gentleman"

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By kashish on 13 Nov 2019
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Instead of calling actor Ayushmann Khurana as professional actor it seems we should start calling him professional thief. The guy manages to steal hearts with each and every appearance he makes. This time the actor managed to give all his fans goosebumps and forced them to think about the rights and freedom of men in the society. The actor delivered a powerful speech about how to be a "Gentleman" and we just fell in love with him a little more if possible.



As a part of The Man Company's grooming campaign, the actor shared a video of his speech about how to be a perfect man. All dressed up and well groomed the actor explained in his speech how it is not easy for men to bear all the burdens and not get the opportunity to breakdown due to society stereotypical thinking.


The actor even referred bro himself in video and shared with all his fans that he cannot tie his tie but is a decent cook. He shared how fathers teach their sons to be a gentleman but don't allow them to be gentle because they have to save honour and earn for family.


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The actor went on and showed his support for people of all communities, caste, colour and religions. He shared his thoughts about how men should allowed to cry, shed tears if they want to, pick pink colour if thats what they like without being pressured to act all macho.

The actor further said that the difference between men and women is extremely beautiful but they should not be differentiated because at the end of every single day even men are human and have feelings. Ayushmann shared the one and the most important thing that makes a man a true gentleman is when a man is true to himself. That quality is the biggest and most important quality to be true man.

This wonderful homage to men by Ayushmann won hearts of people across the nation and this is what we call true role of celebrity. The actor used his fame to express his views and thoughts about one of the most ignored topic in the society. Ayushmann is truly and commendably the actor who is and will always be looked up by people for years.


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