5 Basic Makeup Products That Will Give You The Most Effortless Glam Look

5 Basic Makeup Products That Will Give You The Most Effortless Glam Look

By kashish on 18 Oct 2019
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Life as we live today can only be described using one word and that is, rush. People are in rush to be to places, do work, complete millions of different task, all in as less time as possible. There are days when we simply don't have the luxury of time with ourselves and we have to rush to office or college. Those are the days when we don't have the time to doll ourselves and being able to eat breakfast also seems an achievement. While it is the best reason to forgo makeup, we just can't go to places with puffy or tired eyes and dry lips. The best thing to do during those days is to use few basic products that will give you the most gorgeous and effortless makeup look.



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Kajal is the most simplest and the most useful product. It can be used in multiple ways and not only it makes eyes look more beautiful but it also helps in eyes looking fresh and lively. You can either apply it on your lower lash line or you can use it to create smokey eye makeup look.


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Instead of calling the product simply mascara we will call it "miracle mascara". Just a few coats give volume to lashes, making them look fuller and intense.

Tinted Lip Balm


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Dry or chapped lips don't look good. It is important to protect lips from not only getting flakey but also from harmful uv rays. Tinted lip balms are the best for purpose. Not only hydrate the lips but also give it just the right touch of colour to make them look more appealing.

Tinted Sunscreen

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Sunscreens are extremely important. It is no less than rime to leave home without applying sunscreen. There are brands that sell tinted sunscreen. Tinted sunscreens have a little pigment in their formula that serves as a base. Using tinted sunscreen will give you base to apply rest of your makeup.

Setting Spray

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These sprays are the holy water of makeup. These sprays not only help makeup to last for longer hours but they also give face fresh look and a layer of beautiful sheen.

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