#YOGALIFE: 7 *Yoga* Aasan That Help In Preventing Hair Loss!!

#YOGALIFE: 7 *Yoga* Aasan That Help In Preventing Hair Loss!!

By kashish on 08 Aug 2019
Digital Editor

A head full of healthy, glossy and thick hair is what every woman dreams about but alas it ends up being a dream only because of the damage our hair suffers everyday due to both internal and external factors. If our regular bad habits of unhealthy diet, lack of sleep, stress, etc were not enough then pollution, sunlight, dust are more than enough to make our heir weak and cause breakage, split ends and hair loss.


There are wide range of products available in market along with different treatments top prevent hair loss but either they are too expensive or the results they offer and not satisfying. The best way to prevent hair loss is to opt for natural remedies that are not only cost effective but they also are permanent solution to our problems. You can opt for homemade hair masks and conditioners to protect hair and you can also start doing some yoga to prevent hair loss.

You must be thinking how can yoga prevent hair loss, right? Well isn't yoga answer to most of our health problems. There are some basic yoga poses that not only boost ur blood circulations but they also helps in getting rid of stress, reduces anxiety and help the body to get relax which further prevents excessive hair loss.

Take a look at some of the easy yet helpful yoga aasans that can help you from becoming bald due to excessive hair loss, when done on regular basis.


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