B-Town Fashionistas Prove That Orange Is New Colour Of The Season!!

B-Town Fashionistas Prove That Orange Is New Colour Of The Season!!

By kashish on 07 Aug 2019
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Fashion changes with seasons and time. Every season a new trend is introduced and while it becomes some trend or the another gets blown off by people. Just the way fashion is influenced by season and people colours in fashion are too influenced. The trend of wearing any particular colour keeps on changing and every colour once in a while gets the turn to be rocked. From red to blues, green to millennial pink, etc one or the other colour is introduced every now and then and soon it gets accepted as the colour of the season.


Most of us take our inspiration for fashion and style from our favourite celebrities be it Hollywood or Bollywood. We like to follow the trends they introduce with a twist of our own to make it look even more exquisite. One thing you might have noticed these days must he the love for colour orange. Almost every other actress has been spotted rocking an orange outfit. It seems like orange is the new black for monsoon 2019.

The bright colour comes in array of shades that can be worn according to different t occasions. For parties you can easily wear bold orange even neon whereas for formal look you can opt for a little muted version. If you want to chill with your girlfriends for lunch or it is a romantic date then a a little muted orange will just be the perfect addition to your look.

From actress Kareena Kapoor to Tapsee Pannu from Kriti Sanon to Sonakshi Sinha, all these actress have been recently spotted wearing orange outfits of different style. Take a look at their outfits for some inspiration that will help you in finding the perfect tone of orange for your self.

Kareena Kapoor


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You can never get tired of wearing little black dress but what do you think about an orange dress. We think it looks absolutely sultry and will make a wonderful; addition to your wardrobe.

Sonakshi Sinha


Be the boss lady that you always dreamt off in your gorgeous orange pant suit. It looks extremely classy and w2ill be perfect match to your headstrong attitude.

Kriti Sanon

PinkvillaPhoto from Pinkvilla

A little playful and a little naughty. Orange jumpsuit will be the best choice for enjoying some time with your girlfriends or a romantic date.

Tapsee Pannu

PinterestPhoto from Pinterest

If you are fan of casual looks then this orange co-ord set is just what you have been looking for!



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