Bigg Boss 13:  Salman Khan To Earn Rs 31 Crore For Working On Just The Weekends!

Bigg Boss 13: Salman Khan To Earn Rs 31 Crore For Working On Just The Weekends!

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By Samprita on 24 Jun 2019
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Salman Khan is one of the highest paid actors in the Bollywood industry. Over the years he has gained a huge fan base for himself and has been rocking the box-office on every Eid. There's any hardly any film of bhai that hasn't hit the Rs. 200 crore club at the box office records. Considering the fact, that the Bharat actor is so much in demand, it is reported that he charges a whopping Rs 60 crores per film.


And we are sure that's not his only source of income! He's the host & face of Bigg Boss, one of the most watched controversial reality shows on Indian television. The actor has been in association with the show for over eight years now since Bigg Boss Season 4.  The actor is now preparing for Season 13 which is reported to go on air on September 29th, 2019.

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While most of the contestants on the show earn a few lakhs per week, Salman Khan is the one who gets more money than anyone could possibly imagine.

For Bigg Boss Season 13, bhai is going to get Rs 31 crore for his appearance on the show over the weekend. Yes, you read that right! Salman's pay has proportionately increased with the shows' TRP.

The Dabangg actor charged around Rs 2.5 crores per episode from Season 4 to 6 and doubled it to Rs 5 crores in the season 7 of the show. For Bigg Boss Season 8, Salman Khan charged Rs 5.5 crores and then moved on to Rs 7-8 for Season 9. In Season 10, he is said to be paid Rs 8 crores per episode.

It was reported earlier that he had charged Rs 11 crores for Season 11. In Bigg Boss Season 12, Salman is said to have taken home Rs 12 crore-Rs 14 crores per episode. And now with the beginning of Season 13, he's clearly raised his fee and has doubled it from what he was earning in Season 12.

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The location of Bigg Boss Season 13 has been changed from Lonavla to the suburbs of Goregaon in Mumbai. Reportedly, the team has begun building the house in Film City.

As per the speculations, the next season of the show might have a female co-host joining Salman Khan. Salman himself has asked for a female co-host for the upcoming season.

Given the last season's low ratings and discomfort of celebrities in sharing the screen space with commoners, there will be no n0-celeb contestants this year.

To know who all have been approached to participate this year, check out this list.


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