She Will Fight Back: Smriti Irani's Response To Her Daughter's Bullies is Every Mother Ever

She Will Fight Back: Smriti Irani's Response To Her Daughter's Bullies is Every Mother Ever

By Anuradha on 24 Jun 2019
Digital Editor

Union Minister Smriti Irani knows how to give it back to haters.  Recently, she shared a picture of her daughter, Zoish Irani along with a strongly-worded post on bullying. It all started when Smriti posted her daughter's picture and soon deleted it. Later, she shared it again with a powerful message.


The lady revealed that the photo was taken down because Zoish requested her to do so as she was being bullied in the school because of it. Smriti couldn't see her daughter worried so she removed it reluctantly but thought that she might have supported bulling with her gesture. Thus, she decided to fight back.

In her Instagram post, she wrote, "I deleted my daughter’s selfie yesterday coz an idiot bully in her class, A Jha, mocks her for her looks & tells his pals in class to humiliate her for how she looks in her mother’s into the post. My child pleaded with me ‘ Ma please delete it, they are making fun of me’. I obliged coz I could not stand her tears. Then I realised my act just supported the bully. So Mr Jha , my daughter is an accomplished sports person, record holder in Limca Books, 2 Nd Dan black belt in Karate, at the World Championships has been awarded bronze medal twice; is a loving daughter and yes damn beautiful. Bully her all you want, she will fight back. She is Zoish Irani and I’m proud to be her Mom."

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Well, we all know that our mothers can go to any extent for our happiness and Smriti is no different. Her post is an apt reply to all those who think that making fun of anyone's looks is cool.

All we can say is 'Boss lady'.

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