Recreate Kareena Kapoor's Classy Twist Rope Braid In Just few Easy Steps!!

Recreate Kareena Kapoor's Classy Twist Rope Braid In Just few Easy Steps!!

By kashish on 10 Jun 2019
Digital Editor

Every once in a while we all get bored while going through all the same hairstyles that we make for every party and events. Not only because we don't know which new hair styles to try but also because we are scared of experimenting and trying some new hairstyle due to the fear that we might end up looking weird or or hair might end up in a nest instead of an intricate hairstyle. Always remember the first and the most important rule of Fashion is, that one should always keep on experimenting with new trends, hair and makeup for it makes appearance look more attractive and spices up the personality.


When it comes to taking inspiration regarding latest trends be it related to outfits, hairstyles, makeup, etc we always look up too our favourite celebrities for they are the ones who bring out latest trends and know what will be the best looks. Recently we all were got shocked when we saw Kareena in the new promo of dance reality show Dance India Dance. Shocked because it will be for the very first time Mrs. Khan will be judging any television show and because she looked unexplainably gorgeous. Wearing off should yellow Stephane Rolland dress with sheer makeup look and sleek twisted rope braid, Kareena looked like no less than billion bucks.


Most of us will definitely not think about putting our hair into a sleek braid while wearing a dress but that is not the same case with Kareena because not only did she paired her sunshine yellow dress with a sleek braid, she managed to own the look as well. A bold move, we'd say but definitely worth it.


Inspired by Kareena's fabulous look, we thought about sharing with your how you can easily duplicate the amazing braid and  spice up your look.

  • The first step in order to make a sleek braid will be to straighten your hair properly. Make sure that your hair are pin straight.
  • Gather all your hair in a high ponytail and secure them tightly with a band.
  • Cover your elastic hair band by taking a section of your hair and wrapping it around the band. Secure it using bobby pins.
  • Now divide your hair into two different sections and twist them individually in same direction tightly. Once you have twisted them then twist them around each other with a firm hand.
  • Once you have twisted both the sections of hair around each other till the very end, secure them using an elastic band once again.
  • Take an old tooth brush and spray it with hair setting spray. Now use that brush to stick all your baby hair together to your scalp for the sleek look and voila, your new but chic hairstyle is ready and in no time.

You are ready to turn heads and get people drool over your fashionable look.


Pictures- Instagram
Text- GirlStyle IN