This Super Romantic Video Of Parth & Erica From Her Birthday Getaway Will Definitely Melt Your Heart!!

This Super Romantic Video Of Parth & Erica From Her Birthday Getaway Will Definitely Melt Your Heart!!

By kashish on 29 May 2019
Digital Editor

Who doesn't loves a good love story, we are a sucker for it! But this time we are not going to share with you a common fairy tale but we are going to tell you about the real life romance of your favourite couple Parth and Erica aka Anurag and Prerna from top television show Kasautii Zindagii Kay2. As most of you guys know, earlier this month Parth and Erica went for getaway in Mussoorie to celebrate Erica's birthday and while the pictures these celebrities uploaded were enough to steal our hearts, the video of them romancing together in the haseen wasidayaans of Mussoorie will definitely melt your hearts.



Erica and Parth have been rumoured to be in a romantic relationship for longest time and while neither of the star ever commented on it officially, most of their fans fans knew about the little feelings both of these celebs had in their hearts. Their sweet gestures, care and support for each and undeniable chemistry used to be sizzling. Both the actors were frequently spotted together at different events and places but they used pull the questions under the rug by calling it as their work commitments. Recently Erica shared a video in her Instagram account that showed both the actors romancing admist the beautiful scenery of Mussoorie and like a final nail on the coffin, it became absolutely sure that the beautiful couple is so in love.


In the video, both the actors are seen having fun while in Mussoorie. They were seen enjoying their meals together, challenging each other in the game of bowling and most importantly dancing in the arms of each other like nobody was watching them. We swear that the video got us melting and turning into a puddle of love. All the Parth and Erica fans mus be over the moon because for the longest period of time they all were rooting for the coupple to be in relationship and now with the shared video Erica finally confirmed and accepted her and Parth's relationship finally.

spotboyePhoto from spotboye

Hina Khan and Shubaavi also commented beneath the video and it seems like both the actresses were as happy as us with the grand revelation of couple. The actors and their sizzling chemistry has got all of us hooked on them both on-screen and off-screen and we cannot wait o see more of their romantic adventures together.


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