7 Most Expensive & Luxurious Things Owned By Actress Anushka Sharma!

7 Most Expensive & Luxurious Things Owned By Actress Anushka Sharma!

By kashish on 16 May 2019
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Actress Anushka Sharma is one of the most loved and adorned actress in the country. Within a span of nearly 11 years the actress has managed to build a successful career for herself and now is valued at nearly 220 crores with yearly annual income of over 25 crores. With her immense dedication, hard work, discipline lifestyle and smart career choices she has managed to build an empire of her own. Even though she has been married to one of the richest cricket player Virat Kohli, the actress has maintained her individual identity, thus becoming a source of inspiration.


Have you ever given thoughts to as to what must the actress be doing with her insanely high income? Where is she spending it, where is she investing in? Business, shopping, charity, properties, investments; where does all the money go? If you have never thought about then do not fret because we will share with you the exclusive list of seven insanely extravagant and expensive things that Anushka owns all thanks to her obscenely high pay checks.

Take a look.

Fendi Silvana Handbag

thehandbagconceptPhoto from thehandbagconcept

An extravagant handbag is most definitely required to keep huge pay checks. Actress Anushka Sharma owns a classic Fendi Silvana Handbag that is priced at Rs. 1.50 lakhs.

Apartment in Andheri

timesnowPhoto from timesnow


A person's home is their heaven and Anushka Sharma's not so small 3BHK heaven (apartment) in Yari Road, Andheri costs whopping Rs. 4 crores.

Chloe Paraty Handbag

spottedfashionPhoto from spottedfashion

One can never have too many handbags and so Anushka follows. The actress owns a Chloe Party Handbag that comes at the price of Rs. 1.3 lacs.


InstagramPhoto from Instagram

Anushka Sharma's biggest asset and amazing business plan started with her clothing line called NUSH which is now priced with the market value of jaw dropping Rs. 65 crores.

Office in Lokhandwala


dailyhuntPhoto from dailyhunt

Anushka's production house office is located in Lokhandwala. Her office was made by combining two apartments and it costs Rs.2-5 crores.

Range Rover

thequintPhoto from thequint

Most celebrities share their common love for swanky cars and Anushka is one of them. The actress owns various cars but her beloved Range Rover is the most expensive car in her garage and it comes with the price tag of Rs. 2.8 crores.

Triplex in Versova

dailymailPhoto from dailymail

The actress purchased a beautiful Triplex apartment in Badrinath Towers, Versova in 2012 that costed her nearly Rs. 10 crores.


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