Ranbir Kapoor Responds Back To Kangana Ranaut: "People Can Say Whatever They Like"

Ranbir Kapoor Responds Back To Kangana Ranaut: "People Can Say Whatever They Like"

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By kashish on 13 May 2019
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It seems like actress Kangana Ranaut has a secret bag of issues that she is opening slowly and one by one calling out on all the other celebrities she has developed a dislike for. Every other day the actress is in the centre of media gossips for calling out on different celebrities for their personal opinions, their comments, their thoughts, their lifestyle and the list goes on. The latest person to whom the actress called out was none other than chocolate-y boy Ranbir Kapoor.



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In the past Kangana has said to have called out  Sonu Sood, Vikram Bhatt, Alia Bhatt, Karan Johar, Sara Ali Khan, Varun Dhawan, etc. If we take a flash back, the entire scenario started when Ranbir was asked about his political views during an interview where the actor replied, "Politics makes no difference in my life... I live a luxurious life... I don't have any issues, so who am I to comment on politics?"

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Apparently his statement irked Bollywood Queen and she called the actor "irresponsible" for not commenting about politics and political situations in India. If it wasn't enough then, the actress started taking small jibes at the said actor at every possible situation. Ranbir who was quiet till now finally decided to comment about the actress's behaviour and statements.

Being a gentleman that he is, Ranbir decided to not call out any name or point finger but the actor maturely gave a small reply during his interview with media when asked about why he does not want to comment on political situation that, "If anyone asks me any question, I always try to answer, but I don't have any interest to answer these questions and to get into such kind of controversies." And in reference to the actress Ranbir had only one thing to say, "People can talk about me whatever they feel like. I know who I am and what I say."

It seems like celebrities have had enough of Kagana and they do not want to engage with her in any time consuming and meaningless fights and so they refrain from commenting about the actress.



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