TV Actress Nia Sharma's Song 'Hor Pila' Is Out And It's The Worst Song We Have Heard This Year

TV Actress Nia Sharma's Song 'Hor Pila' Is Out And It's The Worst Song We Have Heard This Year

By Samprita on 13 May 2019
Senior Digital Editor

One of the most popular television actresses Nia Sharma, who was named as Asia's Third Sexiest Woman by the UK-based weekly newspaper Eastern Eye, twice in a row has just made us rethink about her career choices with the release of her new song titled Hor Pila.


The Ishq Mein Marjawan actress has appeared in a music video and no it is not something you would like to watch again. The video is 2 minutes and 47 seconds long and TBH it is nothing but torture. The song and everything about it has convinced us that music is not always as good as we expect it to be, even if we have our favourite celebrities on it. The list has been long for 2019 with some fail numbers like Slowly Slowly by Guru Randhawa and Hook Up Song featuring Alia Bhatt from Student of the Year 2.

Well if you are able to watch the video by any chance for even more than 30 seconds, well you are a die-hard fan of Nia and we salute you for your spirit. The music was no pain to our eyes and ears with lousy dance moves and uninviting music beats. And in this case, we have given up our hopes FOREVER!

Not long ago, Nia Sharma took her Instagram to share a few pictures of her look from the music shoot in Goa. The television star was dressed in furs, sequins and pink thigh-high lace boots that made us wonder what was she exactly going to happen? Because honestly there was TOO MUCH going on!

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These are some of her looks from the music video Hor Pila and sorry but no sorry, even if we love her for her excellent fashion sense we cannot love this song in this life, at least! The song seems to be centred around her wanting more of drugs, wherein she is the lead in the song with some stoner look-alikes in the background.

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The music, dance, lyrics and even the costumes... everything seems wrong with the song. What do you think?

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