Action? Drama? Romance? All That You Need To Know About Student Of The Year 2

Action? Drama? Romance? All That You Need To Know About Student Of The Year 2

By GirlStyle on 12 Apr 2019

Just a month away from hitting theatres, Karan Johar's Student Of The Year 2 Starrs the heartthrob Tiger Shroff and the new comers Tara Sutaria and Ananya Pandey. The first trailer of the film was just dropped this noon and to say it did not capture our attention will definitely be a big fat lie. The trailer of this soon to be released and coming-of-age film was as opulent as its first part. While the first part of the franchise was directed by the boss man himself, the second part was directed by Punit Malhotra who made sure to not spare any single detail.

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The ambience of college, the grand settings, amazing wardrobe and Tiger Shroff's shirtless scenes were more than enough to make us go gaga but the two protagonist managed to steal some thunder as well. Ananya Pandey who is playing the role of Shreya looked classy and bad*ss in the trailer with her amazing entry in an Audi and bold looks. Tara who is portraying the character of Mia, on the other hand looked no less than sweet girl next door who had passion for dancing.

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Seeing Tiger do action is nothing new for all the fans. One thing the entire nation is aware is the amazing fight and martial arts Tiger can do and is seen doing same throughout the trailer. The intense chemistry shared by Tara and Tiger was setting our hearts up. While some parts of the movie were extremely interesting, one thing that was similar to the first part of franchise was the love triangle between Rohan, Mia and Shreya.

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While we just fell in love with how natural Tara looked in the camera and her great acting skills, Ananya in comparison was not able to hold candle against Tara. Tiger as always rocked his role but all those fight scenes and stunts made film look like more of an action film than a typical Karan Johar movie.

The film also includes stars like Sameer Soni, Harsh Beniwal, Aditya Seal and there are speculations of some the characters from Student Of The Year 1 will make their appearances in the movie. While the entire trailer was no less than a visual treat for eyes, it certainly did not manage to steal our hearts or captivate us as the first part of the franchise.

Only time will tell how much the audience loved the new students and the movie. This will be the second major movie by Dharma Productions for this year, first being Kalank which is to hit the theatres next week.



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