11 Makeup Tips That Will Make You Look Like A Super Model!

11 Makeup Tips That Will Make You Look Like A Super Model!

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By kashish on 02 Apr 2019
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Every girl dreams about being able to do makeup so good that she can make herself look as gorgeous as some her favourite actress or a model. Doing makeup is not an easy task, it is  an art that needs to be mastered with lots of patience and practice. There are two important  things that every woman should know, first being the fact all the actress and super models have a small army of professionally trained people who look after their clothes, hair and makeup to make them look as pretty as they look on our television and in photos and second important things is the fact that it is not all about makeup and being professionally trained. The secret that makes all the models and actresses look as pretty as they is not only having small professional army or using expensive makeup products. The secret lays within small tips and tricks that makeup artist use on their clients that makes them look distinguishably beautifully.


Take a look at some of those simple yet amazing tips that will make you look like a supermodel.

Always blend your lipliner. Harsh lipliner ruin the makeup look.

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When you are opting to apply popping lipstick then always remember to make the rest of your makeup look subtle and viscera versa. You do not want to end up looking like a clown.

Always clean your mascara wand before using it to prevent the clumps sticking to your lashes.

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Do not apply a thick layer of concealer under your eyes at once. Apply a little amount blend it and then build it to avoid making your under eyes looking swollen.


Never over draw your eyebrows, the difference is always visible. Always make sure to keep your eyebrows looking as natural as possible.

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Along with applying foundation on your face always apply them on your neck near your décolleté to avoid your skin looking discoloured.

Do not forget to apply setting powder on your t-zone and under your eyes to avoid the makeup from creasing and your face looking excessively oily.

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Use different coloured concealers for different areas. A peach coloured one is used for cover dark circles while a green concealer is used for covering red spots and acne scars.

You can make your face naturally illuminate by applying a lawyer of illuminating cream on your face before applying foundation.

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Always use synthetic makeup brushes instead of animal furs. Brushes made out of animal fur do not pick up the right amount of makeup while synthetic brushes are easily able to pick large quantity of makeup.

Apply white eyeshot on your eyes before applying the coloured eye shadows to give your makeup even more popping look.




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