2018 Style Guide: These Skirts Should Have A Spot In Your Wardrobe

2018 Style Guide: These Skirts Should Have A Spot In Your Wardrobe

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By Shivani Yadav on 24 Aug 2018

After a style guide on pants, dresses and necklaces, it's time to talk about skirts. In this post, we'll talk about 8 types of skirts that deserve a place in your wardrobe. If you consider yourself as a serious fashion lover then there should be no turning back from this commitment. And if you're here just for a simply style help, then see the following and try to figure which of these suit your body-type and personal style the best.


No reason to tense up, it's all very fun!

Flared Skirt

Generally, flared skirts are shorter but honestly, the length is not as important. It should be widely pleated, hence the flare. These kinds of skirts would particularly look cute on girls with a petite body-type. It's very romantic and girlish!

movieweb.mePhoto from movieweb.me


Mini Skirt

Mini skirts doesn't always have been tight, as we have come to expect from all the block-buster films. It can even be flared like the one in the picture below.
Also, another tip is that while plain ones can't really go wrong, opt for printed ones during spring-summer, they'll definitely make you stand out.


Priyal Beauteous WorldPhoto from Priyal Beauteous World


Pleated Skirt

Pleated skirts are all the rage at the moment, particularly the metallic ones. These ones will arguably look good on every body-type, so you can fearlessly give it a try. And they are not that heard to find either. Because they are so in trend right now, all the high-street brands and thrift stores have them.

HuewPhoto from Huew


Long Skirt

Long skirts typically start from above the navel and go down till the ankles. An everyday girl may find it hard to style these skirts but they are actually some of the easiest ones out there as they demand so less, even in the accessories department. Some of the best long skirts can be found in Sarojini and Lajpat Nagar.


Bling SparklePhoto from Bling Sparkle


Maxi Skirt

Everything we said about long skirt applies for maxi skirts as well, except for the fact that they start from below the navel and go down till the ankles (or in some cases, the floor). Pushkar and Ajmer (Rajasthan) has some of the best maxi skirts.

PinterestPhoto from Pinterest


A-line Skirt

You cannot get more classic than a-line skirt. They are perfect for day-outs and parties and because of their sophistication and elegance, you'll undoubtedly look graceful.


Critic CornerPhoto from Critic Corner


Ball Gown Skirt

Ball gown skirt is pretty much self-explanatory but just to be clear, they don't always have to go down till the floor. In fact, this type of skirt in ankle-length is kind of in trend at the moment. To all our adventurous fashion girls out there, would you like to give this one a try?

RediffPhoto from Rediff


Pencil Skirt

We can't remember a time when pencil skirts were not around. You don't see them in a trend list because they have an evergreen quality to them (ever since the 1930's). You can wear them to work, for casual day-outs or even formal evenings; and because they are available in so many patterns, you'll never get bored of shopping for them.

Critic CornerPhoto from Critic Corner



Photos : movieweb.me, Priyal Beauteous World, Huew, Bling Sparkle, Pinterest, Critic Corner and Rediff
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