Jacqueline Fernandez Revealed Her Skincare Secrets & We Are Sayin' Hello To Glowing Skin Like Her!

Jacqueline Fernandez Revealed Her Skincare Secrets & We Are Sayin' Hello To Glowing Skin Like Her!

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By Samprita on 07 Mar 2019
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We don't think there's anyone out there who doesn't wish to know the phenomenal beauty secret of Bollywood celebrities which makes them look on point all day long. And amongst the few actresses, Jackie is a major inspiration to all when it comes to beautiful and bright skin.


The actress is popular for her magnificent fitness routine, fashion sense, radiant skin and her cuteness which never fails to win our hearts. The Kick actress has a passion for dance and has also made her career in modelling. Well, isn't she an all-rounder? *fangirl moment*

This also makes us wonder how is she acing her skin game with happy and bright skin always? Like how? Don't you wanna know more about it? Every single time we start scrolling through her Insta profile we are just mesmerised with the fact that she is nothing less than a glowing goddess in all her pictures.

What does she exactly do to keep her skin so fresh, clean and glowy in spite of maintaining those sexy abs she has! And then the day arrived when God answered our prayers and she took her Instagram story to reveal her skincare secrets with her fans.

herzindagi.comPhoto from herzindagi.com

She spoke about everything, right from her night time regime to what she drinks in the morning to maintain that glow on her face. And trust us, this isn't an expensive one because she too loves to keep it all natural. Well. we are sure you are just as excited as we are, so here's a sneak peek into her skincare routine!

Jackie's number 1 advice is to deep cleanse and hydrate your skin at night to get rid of all the makeup, dirt and dust that accumulates on your face after a long tiring day. This step is known by all, but we can thanks Jacqueline again for the sweet reminder cause we know a lot of lazy girls still tend to skip on this important step. No matter what it is, it is necessary to remove your makeup before you go to sleep!

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Jacqueline then went ahead and disclosed how she likes to start her day in the morning that helps in keeping her skin fresh the entire day. She likes to start with a detox drink that can be anything that you like or works for you. She added that celery juice, turmeric or apple cider vinegar are all great options. And she spends rest of the day drinking loads of water to keep her skin moisturised. She recommends drinking at least 3 litres of water a day!

Another secret to her glowing skin is nothing but Vitamin C. She suggests adding a Vitamin C enriched serum to your skincare routine now. You can splurge on various products in the market which has Vitamin C as one of its ingredients. Following this regime may help you achieve acne-free and happy skin!

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Jacquline also admits that this routine has helped reduce the number of pimples on her face and she also notices a huge change in her skin whenever she cuts out on the sugar in her diet. If you plan on cutting down on sugar then it becomes easier to replace it with natural alternatives in your food like honey or jaggery.

Okay then, we are totally following this skincare routine religiously from today itself!


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