7 Beauty Products That Are Makeup Bag Must-Haves For All The Women!!

7 Beauty Products That Are Makeup Bag Must-Haves For All The Women!!

By kashish on 12 Feb 2019
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The basic purpose of having a makeup pouch is to carry some basic cosmetic products that we frequently need or the products that help us in an instant grooming. Over the period of time the products in our makeup pouches pile up and we end up carrying most of our vanity within a small pouch. As cringy as it sounds, it is the truth that we all are familiar with. 


We cannot carry all our makeup products with us everyday and so it is important to decide a limited number of makeup products that, not only are needed on the continuous basis but are also helpful in creating instant makeup looks. Now the question arises which makeup products are more important than other or which products can help in creating instant makeup looks all while being used in multiple ways.

Lip Balm

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Lip balms are the life savers. It is the product that all the little girls start to carry in their purse and should follow the same routine life long. It saves from the embarrassment of having dry, chapped and bleeding lips. Lip balm is a must in makeup pouch at all the times for having lumpy, pink and juicy lips.


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Mascara is one of the another important products that is needed to be carried in the makeup pouch. No matter how long lasting the mascaras are, they do need touch-ups. Over the period of day there are times when mascara gets clunky, smudged or fades due to rubbing of the eyes and then arises the need to re-apply it.  Also mascara without any doubt gives a dramatic look to our eyelashes making them look long and beautiful.



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A concealer is the real life filter that is often needed. A concealer is must to hid all the dark spots, fatigue-ness, dark circles, blemishes and marks.  When mixed with the moisturiser and applied on entire face it acts as a substitute for foundation, best for the lazy days when the last thing you want to do is to blend the foundation in your skin.

Red Lipstick

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A red lipstick is every woman's secret weapon. It not only spices up the entire look of the face but it captures the attention instantly. A red lipstick will be prefect for the days when you have no other makeup. Also red lipsticks serves as a great substitute for blush. Apply few small dots on your cheeks and blend it with your fingers. You will have rosy cheeks instantly.


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A lady should always smell good and for that it is important to carry perfumes in your makeup pouch since  perfumes tend to fade away from the skin sometime after the application.  No, there is no need for you to carry the entire bottle with you as now a days miniatures of most fragrances are easily available in the market, so all you need to do is to buy the one you like and you are good to go.

Pressed Powder 

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Pressed powder is also a great substitute of foundation. It helps in covering the dark spots and blemishes from the skin, evens the skin tone and it is also helpful in absorbing the excessive oil from the face. A small compact powder can long last and is easy to carry.


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Kajal is another one of the most important product that should definitely be present in makeup pouch. It not makes the eyes look bigger but it gives them a depth and makes the face look refreshed as opposed to normal.


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