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10 Cult-Favourite Floral Fragrances That Every Lady Needs On Her Vanity

10 Cult-Favourite Floral Fragrances That Every Lady Needs On Her Vanity

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By Karmen on 05 Jun 2020
Digital Editor

Nothing makes a morning routine more glamorous and indulgent than spritzing on an exquisite fragrance. ✨


While everyone has their own preferences when it comes to scents, certain flowery blends have proven themselves to be timeless and classic fragrances over the years and decades, coveted by many and attaining cult-favourite status.

Keep reading to check out the 10 best floral fragrances to add to your vanity!

#1 Chanel No. 5 eau de parfum

Chanel No. 5 eau de parfumPhoto from Chanel

One of the most iconic and best-selling fragrances in the world, Chanel No. 5 is a timeless classic that oozes femininity, luxury and sophistication.

With notes of may rose and grasse jasmine illuminated by aldehydes, it's a floral bouquet housed in an iconic bottle!

#2 Diptyque Geranium Odorata eau de toilette


Diptyque Geranium Odorata eau de toilettePhoto from Diptyque

This bright, fresh and crisp fragrance will take you into clusters of crimson-coloured flowers whose blossoming announces the arrival of a joyful, sunny season. It has notes of bergamot, geranium bourbon, rose geranium, pink peppercorn and cedar.

#3 Marc Jacobs Daisy eau de toilette

Daisy by Marc Jacobs eau de toilettePhoto from Marc Jacobs

This sweet fragrance has notes of wild berries, white violet and jasmine, giving it an effortless charm and youthful elegance. The light and clean scent is given depth with feminine sandalwood base notes.

Whimsical white daisies on the cap makes the bottle a lovely addition to your vanity. It also comes in a the new cute pocket-sized bottle!

#4 Viktor&Rolf Flowerbomb eau de parfum

Viktor&Rolf Flowerbomb eau de parfumPhoto from Viktor&Rolf


Florals can be bold and sultry too and this intoxicating perfume proves it. It has an enchanting whirl of cattleya, jasmine, and rose grounded in patchouli and vanilla.

The pink grenade design of the bottle with a flower-shaped grenade pin is the cherry on top of this lavish and sensual fragrance.

#5 Jo Malone Peony & Blush Suede cologne

Jo Malone Peony & Blush Suede colognePhoto from Jo Malone

This is an exquisite floral fragrance that starts with a flirtatious scent of peonies followed quickly by the juiciness of red apple and the opulence of jasmine, rose and gillyflower.

#6 Tom Ford Black Orchid eau de parfum

Tom Ford Black Orchid eau de parfumPhoto from Tom Ford

Black Orchid balances spicy, sweet, floral and earthy scents to create an incredibly sensual fragrance. Sultry woods, black orchid and rich black plum accords bring out the skin's natural perfume, and the jet-black and gold packaging adds to the fragrance's overall glamour.


#7 Chloé eau de parfum

Chloé eau de parfumPhoto from Chloé

The scent takes the classic rose and translates it into a vibrant, fresh and feminine fragrance. It begins with floral powdery notes of peony, lychee, and springtime freesia. The airy head notes drift away to reveal the richer and sensual side of the rose which is accompanied by magnolia, lily of the valley, warm amber and cedarwood.

The modern, delicately pleated bottle adorned with a hand-tied ribbon will give your vanity an utterly innate sense of chic!

#8 Jimmy Choo eau de toilette

Jimmy Choo eau de toilettePhoto from Jimmy Choo

This fruity floral fragrance opens on a burst of crisp top green notes and sparkling ginger, which combines with the softer heart notes of tea rose for a seductive floral scent. The vibrant layer of cedarwood gently evolves on the skin to create a soft veil of sensuality.

#9 Elizabeth Arden Red Door eau de toilette


Elizabeth Arden Red DoorPhoto from Elizabeth Arden

A symbol of glamour and luxury created in 1989, Red Door is a classic, elegant and iconic fragrance that was inspired by the famous Red Door Spa Centre.

The heart of the scent contains ylang-ylang and red rose complemented by notes of orchid, jasmine, lily-of-the valley, orange blossom, wild violet and freesia. The base is composed of honey, sandalwood and vetiver.

#10 Dior J’Adore eau de parfum

Dior J’Adore perfume bottlePhoto from Dior

This iconic fruity and floral fragrance succeeds in being effortlessly seductive and mysterious but not overbearing. Essence of ylang-ylang with its floral-fruity notes and essence of damascus rose, jasmine grandiflorum and Indian sambac jasmine combines to make an intoxicating, long-lasting scent.

The J'adore bottle is as feminine as its fragrance. The sensual curved bottle is adorned with the famous Maasai necklace, like a jewel dancing on a woman's neck!

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