How To Incorporate Pink Into Your BTO/HDB In A Sophisticated & Elegant Way

How To Incorporate Pink Into Your BTO/HDB In A Sophisticated & Elegant Way

By Wei Yin on 17 Mar 2020
Digital Editor

Ask any girl what her favourite colour is and most of them would say pink. Even if it's not their favourite colour, it is most of the time one of their favourite colours.

When you finally get to an age where you have the authority to design your own room or your own home, have you ever thought about going for pink? If so, here are some ways to incorporate pink into your BTO or HDB in a sophisticated and elegant way (nope, pink is not always childish).

Check them out below!

Living room

Mauve pink living room and dining areaPhoto from @由度家居 via 小红书

Mauve pink living roomPhoto from @由度家居 via 小红书

Pink couch in living roomPhoto from @今年旺不旺 via 小红书

Pink walls in living roomPhoto from @安妮小时候 via 小红书

Your living room is the biggest room in your entire home so we recommend choosing pink furniture such as a pink couch if you are hesitant about having too much pink.

If not, choose a mauve pink colour for one or two of your walls. By the way, pink and grey go really well together so you could have grey walls and pink furniture or vice versa.


Pink cupboards in kitchenPhoto from Pinterest

Pink walls in kitchenPhoto from Pinterest

Mauve pink cupboards for kitchen Photo from Pinterest

How about a pink kitchen to brighten your home and keep you in a good mood while you cook? Choose pink cupboards or pink walls to spruce up your kitchen. Black, pink and white match each other perfectly so consider this colour palette for your pink kitchen!

See more pink kitchen inspiration here.



Pastel pink wall and wood in bedroomPhoto from Pinterest

Salmon pink wall in bedroomPhoto from Pinterest

Terracotta pink wall in bedroomPhoto from Pinterest

Mauve pink wall in bedroomPhoto from Pinterest

Pink wall near bookshelf in bedroomPhoto from Pinterest

If you have always wanted a pink room, now is your chance! We recommend colours such as mauve pink, terracotta pink, peach pink or pastel pink.

Paint your chosen pink colour on one wall in your room and keep the rest of the walls white to avoid a cluttered-looking room. Wood flooring, furniture and decorations will match with pink so keep that in mind too.


Pink bathroom cupboard and white wallsPhoto from @肉丸 via 小红书

Pink bathroom and grey colour palettePhoto from @弈宁VERONICA via 小红书

Pink and white toilet Photo from Pinterest

Keep your bathroom looking clean by pairing pink with white or grey. Brighter colours will also make the small space look bigger than it actually is.

Include gold accents such as taps and knobs to add a luxurious touch to your bathroom.

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Text by: GirlStyle SG

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