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Relax In The New Korilakkuma Cafe In Tokyo

Relax In The New Korilakkuma Cafe In Tokyo

By Karmen on 16 Dec 2019
Digital Editor

With tons of merchandise and even an original Netflix series, San-X's Rilakkuma now has its own permanent cafe Tokyo!

Rilakkuma means Bear in a relaxed mood, so channel your inner Rilakkuma and have a relaxing time in this cafe!

Keep reading to find out more!

Korirakkuma Cafe in the Mirror will launch in Harajuku, Tokyo on December 21, 2019. In addition to Insta-worthy food and drinks, you can also expect interactive tabletop projection mapping technology developed by Sony where you can interact with San-X characters while you dine!

Their menu changes seasonally so you can always revisit for a brand new selection to choose from. You can choose an appetiser, main dish and dessert for ¥2,500 per person (~S$30.97).

Here's the menu from 21 December to February/March 2020:

#1 Appetiser

Welcome to the World in the Mirror! Soup & Salad 

Welcome to the world in the mirror! Soup & Salad Photo from Korirakkuma Cafe

There are two soups to choose from: clam chowder and minestrone.

#2 Main Dish

Omelet Rice Cake

Omelet rice cakePhoto from Korirakkuma Cafe

Delicious with Magic! Chicken Pasta 

Delicious with magic! Chicken pasta cream pastaPhoto from Korirakkuma Cafe

Nakayoshi Twin Korilakkuma Burger

Nakayoshi Twin Korilakkuma BurgerPhoto from Korirakkuma Cafe

Let's Play in the Dream ♪ Roll Cabbage Stew

Let's play in the dream ♪ Roll cabbage stewPhoto from Korirakkuma Cafe

Korilakkuma Heart Chirashi Sushi

Korilakkuma Heart Chirashi SushiPhoto from Korirakkuma Cafe

#3 Dessert

Spell Magic on Pancakes

Spell magic on pancakesPhoto from Korirakkuma Cafe


What can I do? Fun French toast

What can I do? Fun French toastPhoto from Korirakkuma Cafe

Creme Brûlée and Magic Mirror

Creme brûlée and magic mirrorPhoto from Korirakkuma Cafe

Fondant Chocolate Full of Hearts

Fondant chocolate full of heartsPhoto from Korirakkuma Cafe

Full Bloom! Cherry Waffles

Full bloom! Cherry wafflesPhoto from Korirakkuma Cafe

#4 Drinks

You can also order drinks to complete your meal!

Korilakkuma Cafe Ole (¥ 890, ~S$11.03)

Korilakkuma Cafe Ole Photo from Korirakkuma Cafe

Corillac Cocoa (¥ 890, ~S$11.03)

Corillac cocoa Photo from Korirakkuma Cafe

Twin Korilakkuma Strawberry Milk (¥ 990, ~S$12.26)

Twin Korilakkuma Strawberry MilkPhoto from Korirakkuma Cafe

You'll also get to bring home souvenirs! Take your pick from a range of merchandise with original art illustrated exclusively for the cafe.

merchandise with original art illustrated exclusively for the cafePhoto from Korirakkuma Cafe

Some things to note are that you can only dine in pairs and you'll have a 70-minute timeslot. You can make your reservations here.

⏰ 10am - 8:30pm; Menu runs from 21 December 2019 – 22 March 2020 (Closed from 30 December 2019 to 3 January 2020)

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Text by: GirlStyle SG

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