Try Out These Number Posing Tips To Spruce Up Your Instafeed

Try Out These Number Posing Tips To Spruce Up Your Instafeed

ByAmanda on 06 Nov 2019 Digital Editor

Are you someone who is always finding new poses for your #ootd shots or someone who freeze up whenever you are in front of the camera? We have previously taught you how to pose using the alphabets and now, keep your eyes peeled for some number posing tips from 1 to 9!

Scroll on to find out how to pose!


number pose 1
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Stand up straight and tilt your head to the side. Put one leg in front of the other to look taller.


number pose 2
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Find a bench and sit with your legs flushed to one side. Tilt your head slightly to the other side and use your hands to support yourself.


number pose 3
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Find a ledge and rest your arm on it. Tilt your head and your legs to the same direction.


number pose 4
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Find a higher ledge or wall and rest your elbow on it. Bend your forearm towards your head and angle your head slightly.


number pose 5
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This sitting pose is great if you want the illusion of long legs. Sit on a staircase and angle your body to a side. Put your legs on the subsequent steps, with the inner leg one step and the outer leg two steps down. Tilt your head to one side and pose!


number pose 6
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Stand straight by a wall but don't lean on it. Bend the leg facing the camera slightly, resting your heel on the wall.


number pose 7
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Stand next to a wall, an arm's width from the wall. Put your hand on the wall and tilt your head towards the wall.


number pose 8
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Stand with your legs a shoulder's width apart and do a big heart shape with your arms over your head for a super cute pose.


number pose 9
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Stand up straight and use your arms to touch your forehead, as if wiping off some sweat.

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