This Disney Princess Mask Collection Is A Dream Come True For All Girls!

This Disney Princess Mask Collection Is A Dream Come True For All Girls!

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By GirlStyle on 29 Sep 2018

No matter how old we are, our love for Disney will never die.

Though we no longer play dress-up or watch Disney as much as we do in the past, there will always be an inner child in us that would smile and go crazy whenever we see our favourite Disney princesses.

But hey, did you know that there's still a way for you to transform into your favourite Disney princesses with this 'costume' that contains magical restorative powers?


No, we're not kidding. Mad Beauty's latest muse brought four different princess-themed sheet masks to life. Let's see, we have Princess Ariel, Belle, Aurora and Jasmine. Best part? They are all made and packed using natural, skin-friendly ingredients. Let's take a look at this dreamy collection!

#Ariel - Jewel of the Sea (Cucumber Face Mask)

Ariel is possibly one of the most liked Disney Princesses and she's personally our favourite.



This cucumber face mask is ideal for Ariel fans who want to nourish and hydrate their faces. Great for girls who wants to relax and unwind after a long day at work/school.

#Belle - Enchanted Rose (Rose Face Mask)


Of course Belle's mask has got to be rose-scented. We wonder if we'll have her brain and brawn after putting on this mask?

P/s: The secret to achieving that healthy, radiant glow lies in this magical rose mask!

#Jasmine -  A Whole New World (Green Tea Face Mask)




Princess Jasmine's mask is filled with green tea antioxidants that can refresh you and make you feel revitalised!

#Aurora - True Love's Kiss (Lavender)


This lavender mask might just be what you need to attract your Prince Charming. Never try, never know, right? #Teehee

These masks are now available for purchase here. Grab them fast before they sell out because it's Disney we're talking about. Go, go, go!

What are you waiting for? Gather all your girlfriends and have a Princess-themed sleepover now!

Photos: Firebox
Text by: Girlstyle SG

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