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5 Devices That'll Help With Your Personal Grooming At Home, From Your Legs To Your Upper Lip

5 Devices That'll Help With Your Personal Grooming At Home, From Your Legs To Your Upper Lip

Beauty Hair
By Shairah on 16 Dec 2022
Project Editor

Body hair can be a tricky issue to deal with. 


Not only is it a bother on days when you want to wear your favourite sleeveless top or pair of shorts, hair removal also brings about a whole other set of issues such as cuts, razor burn, and ingrown hairs.

For those of us who prefer silky smooth, fuzz-free skin, it can be hard to decide which of the many different hair removal options to choose from. Fret not: With the latest innovations in personal grooming, you can easily find a device that is suited for your body and your lifestyle too.

Need a portable shaver for on-the-go grooming? Or perhaps a more permanent solution to remove hair? Check out these five hair removal devices from Braun that will simplify and elevate your personal grooming experience.

Silk-expert Pro5 IPL.Photo from Braun

Silk-expert Pro5 IPL – Safest, fastest and most efficient IPL

Why pay thousands of dollars at a hair removal salon when you can achieve the same results right in the comfort of your own home? The Silk-expert Pro5 IPL promises to be the safest, fastest and most efficient at-home IPL device with visible hair reduction in just four weeks. Powerful yet gentle with every flash, it is equipped with innovative SkinPro Sensor that continuously reads your skin and automatically adapts the power of every flash to your different body areas. 

It also comes with different caps for a head-to-toe IPL treatment. Targeting your face or bikini area? Use the precision cap for more accuracy on smaller areas. For larger parts of your body such as underarms, legs, back or chest, use the standard or wide cap.


Body Mini trimmer.Photo from Braun

Body Mini trimmer – Use it anywhere on your body

The Body Mini trimmer is proof that bigger isn’t always better. This device certainly packs a punch despite its compact size. Designed for versatility, it can be used on different parts of your body – allowing you to trim body hair quickly and precisely even if you’re on-the-go. Braun’s German cutting technology ensures that the trimmer can be safely used on tricky areas such as your face or bikini line so you don’t have to worry about accidental cuts on these sensitive parts!

Our favourite feature? The Body Mini trimmer is 100% waterproof – so don’t forget to bring it into the shower during your next grooming session.

Face Mini hair remover.Photo from Braun

Face Mini hair remover – Goodbye, facial hair!

At only 10cm long, the Face Mini hair remover is a petite powerhouse. This small but mighty device shaves hair on your upper lips, chin and cheeks cleanly, thanks to its built-in smartlight that’ll detect even the finest facial fuzz. The result? Smoother, hairless skin so your makeup will look more flawless. For busy ladies, you’ll certainly love the fact you can easily store the Face Mini hair remover in your handbag and use it whenever and wherever you need a quick touch-up.

Series 9 Pro Shaver.Photo from Braun

Series 9 Pro Shaver for Men: The world’s most efficient and gentle shaver

If you want to spoil the special man in your life, the Series 9 Pro Shaver is the perfect gift for gents who prefer the clean shaven look. It is touted as the world’s most efficient shaver for men, thanks to its new ProLift Trimmer and Precision Switch for maximum control and a quicker shave. Whether it’s a one, three or seven-day beard, the Series 9 Pro Shaver can adapt to smaller contours of the face to ensure close contact with the skin. As a result, more hairs are captured as close as possible – even the toughest hairs on tricky spots like the neck or above the lip. 

Pocket Mini Shaver.Photo from Braun

Pocket Mini Shaver – The travel-friendly option

Now that the year-end is approaching and many of us are planning holidays abroad, you’ll want a travel-friendly personal grooming device that’s compact yet effective. The Pocket Mini Shaver weighs a mere 150 grams and is only 11 cm long, but don’t let its mini size fool you. Equipped with SensoFoil™ technology, it gives a close and gentle shave, and is also suitable for both wet and dry shaving. Unlike most battery-operated shavers, the Pocket Mini Shaver is rechargeable. All it needs is five minutes of charging for a full shave – how handy for your travels! Its simple and minimalistic design is an added bonus: imagine how stylish it’ll look on your bathroom counter.

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