Puma's Metallic Pink Platform Sneakers Is New Feet Love!

Puma's Metallic Pink Platform Sneakers Is New Feet Love!

By GirlStyle on 08 Dec 2018

This pretty platform sneaker wouldn't burn a hole in your pocket. Especially when you can apply coupon voucher and hop to many year-end discounts!

Puma's Sportstyle Core Puma Vikky Platform Ribbon Shoes ($119 SGD)
This metallic low top chunky platform sneakers is not only pretty on the outside, it is soft to wear with a soft foam comfort insert. 

The difference between this pair and other pink Puma shoes is its key feature: A little extra height + napped leather covering.

We surely don't mind pushing our height a little higher with the help of thick soft sole. Best, nobody knows! This sneaker also features a glossy leather surface, similar to that of Puma Fenty Creeper.

This pair of sneaker is also available in white.

Don't be the last to ride onto the hipster shoe trend!

Puma has other pink shoe series, we are keeping an eye out for the newest shoe trend and girl hack. Follow us for more!

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