10 Smart Ways To Make Your Small Space Look Bigger!!

10 Smart Ways To Make Your Small Space Look Bigger!!

By kashish on 23 Jan 2019
Digital Editor

Do you plan on decorating your room once again? Tired of room looking same from past few years? Room full of clutters, various small furnishings, that you don't even remember buying!! Well we can totally sympathise with you, it is not an easy feat to decorate a small room. Large furniture make room jam packed and small furniture looks like a mess.


The best option is to hire a professional who can make your small room look state of art but, it might take away your earnings of half year! Fret not, to help you redecorate your room and make look even more spacious we share with you few clever tips. You better take notes.

theeverygirlPhoto from theeverygirl

Keep the colours of wall in light tones. They make the room look spacious

aosomPhoto from aosom

Use multi-purpose furniture that have hidden storage space. It will prevent the room from looking mess.

comfycozycouture.comPhoto from comfycozycouture.com

Paint the ceiling of the room. It will create the illusion of his ceiling making room appear bigger.


sweetthangs.coPhoto from sweetthangs.co

Choose statement furniture pieces that fills the room.

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Colour coordinate your book shelves or shoe shelves.

annieselkePhoto from annieselke

Use stripes to make your room look bigger.

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Use mirror to decorate walls. They not only make room bright by reflecting light but they also make room look spacious and bigger.

livegigs.coPhoto from livegigs.co

Keep the colour theme of the room and furnishings same.

emilyhPhoto from emilyh

Use small rugs for different spaces in the room to create the illusion of bigger room.

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Do not cover the windows and allow the light to enter the room.


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